• Technical Production Manager

    at Blue Nile ( Horticultural for Agricultural Development ,CO )

    August 2013 - at Present

    Muḩāfaz̧at al Qāhirah

    British Egyptian Enterprise for producing and Exporting Egyptian products to UK and Europe.

  • Farm Manager

    at Egyptian sun co. (EMMEFLOR)

    July 2004 - August 2013

    Muḩāfaz̧at al Jīzah

    • Increased planted area by 30 %. • Increased exporting by 250%. • Establishing nurseries of some varieties instead of importing the transplants. • Establishing nurseries of Tomatoes ,Cucumber and Capsicum into tries for commercial affairs. • succeeded of producing colored Calla (Zantedeshias) in mass production.

  • Agriculture Department and crop development Manager

    at Blue Nile ( Horticultural for Agricultural Development ,CO )

    May 1997 - July 2004

    Ismailia Governorate

    Establishing and Developing irrigation systems for 2000 Acres at Farm locations of (Cairo Alex Road, El Ismailia, Al Ayate). Establishing nurseries for Cherry Tomatoes for company farms. Responsible of solving production problems for all company farms and increased of acre yield production from 2 tons up to 5.5 tons for peas and beans. Obtained the Euro Gap Certificate for three times at Farms of El Ismailia, Cairo Alex road and Al Ayate. Planned the fertilizing and pesticides programs for all company's farms for all the planted varieties like ( Mangue toe peas, sugar snap peas, some beans exporting varieties, Green onions, lettuce,Asparagues, Tomatoes and Grapes). Established the planting plan to have a continues production through the season. production Quality control according to TESCO recommendations

  • Production Manager

    at H2 Farms

    June 1992 - May 1997

    Muḩāfaz̧at al Jīzah

    Responsible of fertilizing and pesticides programs for the ( Green houses and open field ). Planting in Green houses for some varieties like(Cucumber, Tomatoes, Capsicums and Melons), and (Tomatoes, Cucumber, Melons, Water melons, Corn, potato and Banana. Establishing nurseries for Tomatoes, Cucumber and Capsicums in 4 Acres in order to cover 500 Acres of production Area, under Green houses and open field. Using plastic bags as a hydroponic system in Cucumber production to avoid soil problems. A Consultant for Tomatoes farms like (El Tatawi) farm during the same period.