• Business & System Analyst

    at LPP

    May 2016 - at Present

    Województwo Pomorskie

    ➢ Requirements gathering from business (workshops), requirements analyst. ➢ Analysis integration between systems. ➢ Writing project specification (use cases, data flow diagrams, database project, system specification). ➢ Introducing new team members (developers/testers/analysts) to project. ➢ Defining tasks and bugs in JIRA. ➢ Work directly with the development team. ➢ Writing SQL queries and test calculations. ➢ User support, diagnosing and solving problems on production.

  • Business & System Analyst

    at Young Digital Planet

    April 2015 - May 2016

    Województwo Pomorskie

    ➢ Requirements gathering from Product House. ➢ Requirements analyst and writing project specification (user stories, UML diagrams) - taking care of completeness, consistency, practicability of requirements. ➢ Preparing backlog, active participation in scrum meetings (working in agile). ➢ Consultations with developers. ➢ Consultations with UX, define the tasks for UX to create mock-ups according to requirements specified by me, verification of mock-ups. ➢ Consultations with testers, verification of test scenarios if are good specified by them.

  • Project Manager & Business Analyst

    at Business Software Solutions

    October 2013 - June 2014

    Województwo Pomorskie

    ➢ Responsibility for the relationship with the customer. ➢ The organization of work of the team. ➢ Managing a team of developers, project management. ➢ Collection and systematic control of functional requirements, non-functional. ➢ Create and maintain project documentation. ➢ Analysis of inquiries. ➢ Create listings.

  • Software Engineer – Intern

    at Intel Technology Poland

    June 2011 - June 2013

    Województwo Pomorskie

    ➢ Design and programming of the memory controller for ESXi, Linux driver solutions for OpenStack (C, C++, Python, MongoDB). ➢ Working in SCRUM methodology. ➢ Exploring the topic in a narrow field and sharing with team members gathered knowledge in the form of presentations, training. ➢ Working in an international team widespread in several locations, including in Poland, USA, Sri Lanka. ➢ Coordination of product certification process. ➢ The organization of meetings with members of external companies.


  • Gdansk University of Technology

    at Engineering Systems and Databases

    2007 - 2013 (6 years) Województwo Pomorskie


  • Polish Native

  • English Negotiation

  • Spanish Elementary