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    Helix Capital Investments Ltd is an international investment company with its head office in London.
    The scheme perfectly represents how a company works Helix Capital consists of investors who put money into a company and the company invests into their business
    investors are wealthy individuals who buy investment packages for one year.
    Everyone chooses according to his possibilities, minimum deposit 5$ and the maximum one is $25000.
    The investors receive their dividends monthly so they have a passive income.
    Gathering small parts of the required amount from investors.
    Helix invests money into a business. Some specialists have calculated that the investors will receive their dividends due to the profit of realized projects… but in order to reach the break even point. Business need to work from 12 to 17 months. Only then you can expect a profit but even if a business is growing nevertheless investors receive their dividends regularly because the company pays them thanks to a reliable insurance pillow. Cryptocurrency Bitcoin. That is the guarantee of financial stability of a company. Now it is even easier than ever. Investors, who invested in the business in 2014 received all their dividends during 12 month period.
    The company has already paid them off. A business acquired last year continues to work.and and it is already bringing net income for the company.
    New investors will come next year so the company will realize some promising business projects for money from new investors.
    Helix can pay dividends out of profits that successfully brings the business that was opened last year.
    in case if a profit can’t completely cover dividends because there are some risks that entail different factors a reliable insurance pillow cryptocurrency bitcoin will do it guaranteed
    Therefore, a business activity of a company goes in cycles. And a cycle can also be called the infinity!
    Helix Capital provides an opportunity not only to receive passive income or get workplace, but like any other business, it is opened legally and clearly
    So a company also provides a good referral fee. If you decide to build your structure. Accrual payment is made in such a way.
    You are number one in your structure in other words, the first number in the structure is called the sponsor.
    People whom you are connecting to represent the first line in other words – the first level
    For such investors the company pays you 5% of deposits. Then the structure is groving deeper this means that your first line begins to build a network in the same way. And this is your second line you will get 3% from each sum the investors have invested. Starting from level 3rd and 8 th you earnings will be 1 % of of each investment.

    The registration, let the primary account, the mobile phone be your phone numbers! (Example: +448328749227)
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