• Deputy Dept Head

    at Institute for Materials Research and Engineering, A*STAR

    June 2018 - at Present


    ● Developed technology scans and reports to executives on advanced technologies ● Organized and lead engagements with industrial partners. ● Directed internal IP review meetings, change control board meetings, and project reviews. ● Reported to grant agencies and top management. ● Reviewed new proposals and delivered feedback ● Liaised with vendors, negotiated prices and schedules. ● Organized sessions at an international conference

  • Program Manager

    at Science and Engineering Council, A*STAR

    January 2016 - at Present


    ● Responsible for developing a program charter, scope, budget, and schedule, communication plan, KPI matrix. ● Researched competitor's landscape, performed risks assessment. ● Composed reports for Ministry of Trade and Industry and A*STAR top management ● Presented at international conferences and events. ● Arranged review meetings, prepared progress reports, newsletters. ● Managed the information flow between stakeholders.

  • Consultant

    at Becton Dickinson (BD) Medical, Singapore

    January 2018 - May 2018


    ● Reviewed the state-of-art of advanced digital technologies in manufacturing. ● Analyzed Client benefits from the implementation ● Collaborated with multiple departments to understand issues and discuss potential solutions ● Presented recommendations to Vice president, obtained the positive response, followed up with the head of the global supply group with the implementation plan

  • Senior Scientist

    at Data Storage Institute, A*STAR

    September 2008 - May 2018


    ● Secured over 11MS$ of research funding. ● Initiated and executed joint R&D projects with the industry and composed project reports. ● Formulated research directions, developed budgets, schedules, and manpower management plans. ● Developed a multi-disciplinary collaboration network. ● Conducted performance appraisals. ● Authored high-impact papers, developed IP portfolio.

  • Researcher

    at Technical University of Denmark

    May 2008 - September 2008

    Region Syddanmark

    ● Developed a new method of optical measurements ● Built from scratch a bench-top setup for automated light acquisition. ● Published 2 papers and prepared reports

  • Researcher

    at Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light

    October 2007 - April 2008


    ● Conducted research in the field of quantum optics. ● Developed a novel light source of single photons. ● Engineered a single-photon detection system.

  • Researcher

    at National Metrology Institute

    November 2005 - September 2007

    Regione Piemonte

    ● Conducted research in the field of quantum optics. ● Developed a new method for calibration of photodetectors ● studied the propagation of light in optical fibers ● Published 5 papers


  • Project Management Professional

    at PMI

    2017 - 2019 (2 years) Singapore

  • MBA

    at NUS

    2016 - 2018 (2 years) Singapore

  • PhD in Physics

    at Moscow State University

    2003 - 2005 (2 years) Moskva

  • MSc in Physics

    at Moscow State University

    1997 - 2003 (6 years)


  • English Negotiation

  • Russian Native

  • Italian Conversation