• Content Producer

    at Sho'Jo Media

    June 2008 - at Present


    As a content producer, I am tasked with conceptualising a story or an angle, scripting it and creating a treatment to sell the idea. I personally shoot the content and finally coordinate the editor and all required resources to seeing it through and matching the lofty standards befitting of an international brand like Y-Gap. The role is both creative as well as administrative

  • Assistant Director

    at Rapid Blue

    July 2019 - July 2019


    On First Dates, I managed the set, ensured that the day ran according to schedule, coordinated all roll players on the set floor and led the communication between the set floor and control room. Managed and directed background actors, directed actors and controlled the administrative proceedings in general.

  • Producer

    at TV Mall

    May 2018 - May 2019


    At TV Mall, as the producer I ran the programs, met and discussed the activity in each program and monitored LIVE Rate Per Minute (RPM) sales figures and telephone traffic while listening and assisting the presenter, considering whether to take a telephone call and answering questions from PC's while giving instructions to the Director when required. Performed count downs and listen, react and command camera staff to properly support the presenter’s selling pitch. Checked graphics, prices, crawls, B roll and audio/video levels. Kept an eye on DStv playback and knew how to respond to any situation.

  • Content Producer

    at M & M Pictures

    February 2015 - November 2018


    At M & M Pictures I conceptualised, created and executed marketing infomercial campaigns that resonated with the end viewer in order to generate leads via telephone calls from said viewers. Wrote scripts, edited scripts, directed shoots, called customers for testimonials, booked advert spaces from broadcasters, created booking sheets and pitched to client (Assupol). As a team, we managed to keep Assupol as the second biggest insurer in terms of leads based on calls per minute, at a fraction of the budget of our competitors

  • Technical Director

    at Endemol

    April 2014 - April 2017


    At Big Brother, I directed and managed all technical aspects that affected the final broadcast image, directing camera operators as well as vision controllers in accordance with the technical requirements to deliver the story within the highest broadcast standards. Communicated the story-line required by the content producer to all technicians involved, i.e. audio, camera operators, vision controllers, in order to follow the content seamlessly and deliver a quality final product


  • BA Visual Studies

    at University of Pretoria

    2003 - 2007 (4 years) Gauteng

Services offered

  • Content Producer

    I produce digital content for social media campaign or web based platforms. I have produced content for NGOs like Y-Gap South Africa, infomercials for Assupol Insurance Company as well as On-line Shows like Ask a Parent on You-Tube.

  • Assistant Director

    I assistant directed for commercials, films, reality shows, studio as well as outside broadcasts.
    I have AD'd for commercials like Maq washing powder with The Front, Hyundai with African Motion Picture Company and Prospect Insurance with Spit Fire to name a few.
    I also AD'd on shows like First Dates South Africa with Rapid Blue, My Kitchen Rules South Africa with Endemol SA as well as TV drama The Alliance with Thatha Isisthombe Productions.
    I also schedule scripts, I am equipped with Movie Magic Scheduler as well as Microsoft Operating Systems

  • Technical Director

    I have technical directed for the Big Brother franchise. Since 2014 I have TD'd for Big Brother Angola, Big Brother Mzansi, Big Brother Africa and Big Brother Nigeria. Since then I have also TD'd for the live broadcaster TV Mall SA.

  • Floor Manager

    I have floor managed on premier shows like The Voice South Africa, The Voice Angola and the Voice Nigeria. I also floor manage live shows like the 2018 Africa Day Concert as well as the 2017 Afro Cafe live concert in Soweto.

  • Scheduler

    I schedule scripts and manage the day's proceedings. I ensure that all required elements are categorized and scheduled according to the day breakdown.
    I have scheduled commercials for Coca Cola with Bomb Productions as well as movie scripts like the movie Salvation shot by Star Films.


  • Xhosa Native

  • Zulu Conversation

  • Southern sotho Conversation

  • English Native

  • Portuguese Conversation

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