• IT Consultant in Automotive

    at Fortech

    January 2016 - at Present

    Judeţul Iaşi

    Project: Large Web Application for Daimler • Requirements Engineering / Business Analyst • Apply Agile Scrum and XP methodologies with Dev team • Customer workshops and consultancy • Business Process Modeling • Technical Consultancy Technologies used: Java, Web, Wireframes, Visio, UML, Jira, Confluence, Git, SVN

  • Team Lead Agile Project Manager

    at MiOS

    March 2014 - December 2015

    Judeţul Iaşi

    Project: Home Automation for various OEMs like Orange and for end customers. Web and Mobile platforms (IOS & Android) • Lead QA Team • Define new Agile processes and methodologies for the Company (the Company was in a start-up phase) • Lead and Implement from scratch test automation for Web and Mobile Technologies used: Java, Selenium, Appium, TestNG, Junit, Cucumber, XCode, Unix, Android Studio, InteliJ, Eclipse, Jira, Confluence, Jenkins

  • Project Manager Navigation Database

    at Continental Corporation Romania

    April 2009 - February 2014

    Judeţul Iaşi

    Project: Map Converters and large Map Databases for VW, BMW, GM Holden etc. ADAS Databases and Converters. • Manage medium to large Map database projects from Map Converters Development to Map Production / Test / Validation at Client Side and Mass Market Production • Use PM tools and processes from V-Cycle to Agile Methodologies • Act as technical Lead, requirements engineer and Map Architect • Apply ASPICE and CMMI quality standards Technologies used: Oracle (SQL/PL-SQL/SQL Developer etc…), Perl, Bash, CS Synergy, Java SE, C, C++, CSH, Visual Basic .Net, VBA, Unix, Linux, Internal SITEMPPO tool for test execution and requirements mapping, ClearCase, Internal Product management database, Internal unit test tool created in Python, MS Project, DOORS

  • Project Manager Multimedia Test Automation

    at Siemens VDO Romania / Continental Corporation Romania

    August 2006 - April 2009

    Judeţul Iaşi

    Project: Introduce Test Automation in Multimedia Department Center World Wide for automated testing of InCar Multimedia products and protocols. •Manage a project team of 7 - 12 members •Managed stakeholder scheme for all multimedia functional areas (World Wide)l •Use PM tools and processes from V-Cycle to Agile Methodologies •Apply ISO TS quality standard - Participate in several project audits •Act as technical leader, main architect and business manager •Several participations in International Conferences as Speaker •Introduced TA on an VW Multimedia system not only at protocol level but also simulating User Touch Screen input from a custom created framework in Java - saved up to 170k EUR •Budget, ROI and long term effort forecasts creation and implementation •Configuration Management Technologies used: C++, Java SE, TTCN-3, CM Synergy, CS Synergy, DOORS, CANalyzer, MOST protocol optolyzer from Microchip, MS Project Tested Protocols: MOST, CAN, LIN

  • SW Developer

    at SC Euromed SRL

    June 2004 - August 2006

    Judeţul Iaşi

    Project: LexCat application - The application managed large law databases (all Romanian laws and their relation), online daily updates, law editor, advanced filters and views • Develop LexCat application (I was the only one responsible of developing it and I developed it from scratch to the final version) • Maintain communication with a lawyer for the user requirements • Testing on different system configurations • Responsible of client side installation and training Technologies used: VB 6.0, ADO, ODBC, ZLib, MFC, Windows API, Delphi, Hex editor, Assembler decoder, Visual C++, .Net, VB .Net, T-SQL


  • Brainbench certification in Project Management

    at BrainBench

    2013 - 2013 (1 year) Judeţul Iaşi

  • Agile Project Management

    at Technical Gh. Asachi University Iasi

    2012 - 2012 (1 year) Judeţul Iaşi

  • Codecs (in collaboration with Open University of London) Project Management MZT85

    at Codecs

    2012 - 2012 (1 year) Judeţul Iaşi

  • Entrepreneurial Skills

    at University Alexandru Ioan Cuza Iasi

    2011 - 2011 (1 year) Judeţul Iaşi

  • • TTCN-3 Certification ETSI

    at ETSI

    2007 - 2007 (1 year)

  • Faculty of Computer Science, Iaşi, Romania

    at Faculty of Computer Science, Iaşi, RomaniaFaculty of Computer Science, Iaşi, Romania

    2000 - 2004 (4 years)


  • Romanian Native

  • English Negotiation

  • French Elementary