• Postdoctoral Researcher

    at Chonbuk National University

    September 2016 - at Present


    I am currently working as a “Postdoctoral position” at the Department of Electronics and Information Engineering at Chonbuk National University in Korea. I am mainly working on the 3GPP physical layer and higher layers for example MIMO-OFDM, OFDMA, massive MIMO, Interference mitigation, capacity measurement, precoding design, 3D-Molecular MIMO channel. My recent submissions:  Md. Abdul Latif Sarker, Moon Ho Lee and Poongundran Selvaprabhu, “Sum-Capacity of Multiuser MIMO Downlink Interference Channel”, IETE Technical Research [Submitted November, 2016].  Md. Abdul Latif Sarker and Moon Ho Lee, Double-step Iterative Method for MIMO AF Relaying Systems”, IEEE Access, [Submitted February 18 2017].   Md. Abdul Latif Sarker and Moon Ho Lee, “A Unified Precoding Design for Multiuser Massive MIMO Systems, IEEE Signal Processing Letter [Will be submitted March 2017].


  • Long-Distance

    at Engineering

    2010 - 2016 (6 years) Jeollabuk-do

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