Michael Levesque, Dplm. ING., M.Sc. Eng., CET, P. Des., SM-SMTA, SM-IEEE, BCTE, CID, OCA, ME is the Chief Technical Officer of AstralENERGY™ Solar Manufacturing Corporation, Ltd. reporting to the CEO & Board of Directors of the Corporation.


  • Senior VP Engineering & Construction, Renewables

    at Solara Australia Ltd. (ACN# 625 564 196)

    May 2019 - at Present

    State of New South Wales

    Engaged to provide interim advisory services and professional services as Senior VP Engineering & Construction (Renewables). Complete engineering – mainly electrical but, also considered geotechnical, structural, hydrogeological, civil, thermal, and electromagnetic in addition to procurement, topographic and underground ex-works survey, line constraints, utility restrictions, financial and geopolitical drivers, investment and return on investment to best configure and optimize the overall design and execution of the facility. Work with Professional Engineers Australia to ensure that all of the engineering requirements meet or exceed the required regulatory requirements. Work with Solara to assist in the development and deployment of their blockchain solution (both physical and software platforms) into the solar power generation facility and work with suppliers in Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore and China.

  • Chief Technical Officer & Master Construction Engineer

    at AstralENERGY Solar Manufacturing Corporation, Ltd.

    January 2011 - at Present


    Strategically based out of the UAE with operations in Europe and Africa, my role in AstralENERGY is to oversee and manage the entire operation of the company overseas; in situ. I assume the overall responsibility of ensuring the ROI for shareholders. The company is focused mainly on high value electrical, electronic, telecommunications, automation, solar power generation, solar thermal power and heating/cooling, wind power generation, as well as geothermal power generation projects, both structural and electrical infrastructure including lighting, streetlighting, traffic signals and support systems to transportation. Over the last 8 years, the company worked on a portfolio of over 5B USD worth of projects throughout Europe and the Middle East with an average ROI of 36% and then diversified into becoming a registered, fully licensed supplier to the UN and Government of Cameroon, Africa to seek out new markets with an even greater return on investment.

  • Senior Technical Engineering Consultant

    at Maven Research Ltd.

    September 2010 - at Present


    On call consultant to CEO's, CTO's, COO's, Presidents, and other leaders seeking an unbiased approach and providing key information and fundamental knowledge of Power, Renewable Energy, SMART Cities and Technologies, storage, solar, and wind energy, sustainable architecture and other personal experience to high level contacts and colleagues requiring c-level skill to delineate information in order to perform a more comprehensive and informed decision making process.

  • Senior Technical Engineering Consultant

    at DeMatteo Moness LLC. (DeMatteo Research Ltd.

    February 2006 - at Present

    New York

    On Call / As Required Consultant High level consultant for electrical engineering, power generation, (renewable energies, solar power, wind power, natural gas fired, hydro electric, and bio-fuels including biogas, biomass, and biodiesel) and all interrelated industries including financial, stocks, bonds, mezzanine financing, construction, fabrication, purchasing, forecasting, manpower, operations, modelling, and negotiations for Power Purchase Contracts, Governmental (Regulatory), and Supply. Also conduct due diligence, check mathematics, FFT - FEA, design criteria, constraints and failure / business analysis. Usually work with Governments, Large Corporations, CEO's, CFO's, COO's, Engineering Teams and specialized teams put together by the Board of Directors of an interested company or institution.

  • Master Construction Engineer, Licensed Electrical Contractor

    at Engineered Systems Power Generation

    January 2003 - June 2015


    Engineered Systems Power Generation (ESPG) is a licensed, Provincially Certified Utility Contractor Company that builds anything that generates power. With our master electricians, trained technical staff and excellent support team - legal, accounting, staffing, insurance, and management - we are totally confident in all of the jobs we take on. Wind, Solar, Solar Thermal, transmission and distribution lines (above and below ground), and all other required constructs in between. The company owns and operates its own excavators, boom / bucket trucks, cranes, electrical service trucks, horizontal directional drilling platforms, flatbed carriers, fuel trucks, onsite mobile office and advanced survey and tracking systems. The company suffered the lost of its two most senior electricians and senior staff amidst one of the most challenging years on record. As a result the company was unable to continue operations

  • Principle Engineer, Project Engineer, Design Engineering Technologist

    at General Electric - POWER & ENERGY (GEMAC - General Electric Manufacturing Company)

    January 1993 - March 2004


    Worked in the large motors and generators laboratory perfecting magnetic calculations for pole tip generation, improving developed energy output, reducing eddy currents and other parasitic forces while using EMAS, NASTRAN, ANSYS, SolidEDGE, SolidWORKS, PRO E, and CATIA. I moved from the design and engineering laboratory to project construction and operations management. In OPS, I constructed wind farms, geothermal, solar generation facilities, biogas facilities, built large diesel locomotives, put motors into cruise ships, and worked on large hydroelectric dam projects around the globe while still applying the advanced analysis techniques developed in the lab. I worked in, moved to and was responsible for, the engineering and construction projects in China, Japan, Philippines, Middle East, Russia, Canada and the USA.


  • M.Sc. Eng. - Information Technology & Electrical Engineering

    at Hong Kong Polytechnic University

    2001 - 2004 (3 years) Kowloon City

  • B. Eng. - Electrical Engineering & Business Administration

    at SUNY Polytechnic Institute

    1998 - 2001 (3 years) New York

  • B. Eng. - Electrical Engineering & Law

    at University of Waterloo

    1995 - 1999 (4 years) Ontario

  • B.Eng. - Systems & Computer Engineering

    at University of Guelph

    1992 - 1995 (3 years) Ontario

  • B.E.E.T. - Electronic Engineering Technology

    at Lambton College of Applied Arts & Technology

    1988 - 1992 (4 years) Ontario


  • English Native

  • French Native

  • German Conversation

  • Chinese Conversation

  • Japanese Elementary

  • Dutch Conversation

  • Arabic Elementary

  • Polish Elementary

  • Portuguese Elementary

  • Spanish Conversation

  • Russian Elementary