Editor, journalist, writer, copywriter, copy-editor, sub-editor. Business/finance, lifestyle, B2B, B2C, general news, features, digital, social, print, online, white papers, PR-focused writing. Also Marketing, PR, Publishing and TV experience.


  • Owner

    at Simpson Media

    January 2008 - at Present


    Mike Simpson operates as Simpson Media, a content producer, content manager and publisher. He creates high-quality content for a multiple platforms. Work is done on a freelance, regular or contract basis. Simpson Media was established in 2008. Mike's experience prior to 2008 includes: Media 24 (Media Industry - South Africa); Topcar Media (Publishing + Broadcasting - South Africa); Argus Printing & Publishing (Media Industry- South Africa); South Australian Regional Media (Media Industry – Australia), Ayers Rock Resort (Travel Marketing + PR – Australia); The Terrace Adelaide Hotel (Travel Marketing + PR – Australia). Also various freelance assignments within South Africa, Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Services offered

  • Media-related services and consulting

    Editing, writing, journalism, copy-writing, copy-editing, sub-editing, PR, marketing, general media services+ consulting

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