• BI/Data Analyst

    at DigiKala

    October 2019 - at Present

    Ostān-e Tehrān

    Responsibilities) As a Promotion Analyst I use MS BI stack (SSIS, TSQL, SSAS, PowerBI and Python to measure promotions performance. I gather required data then try to show the effect of promotion on basket size, customer retention, conversion rate, correlated products (based on Apriori algorithm output) to identify Cannibs and Halo in promotions and so many other measures like GMV, NMV, net growth, fulfillment and delivery margin and …. As a Marketing Intelligence Developer I use python to read Google Analytics data via API then integrate it with sale and promotion marts to analyze the data in customer scope. As a Technical BI Developer I am responsible to participate in refactoring the BI solution in each layer (ETL, DW design, indexing strategy, OLAP design) with the mindset of Enterprise DW and OLAP design.

  • BI Analyst

    at CinnaGen

    October 2018 - October 2019

    Ostān-e Tehrān

    Responsibilities: analyze and integrate multiple heterogeneous data sources (SharePoint, web portal, finance, commercial, export, production, HR, Inventory and …) across the company using MS SQL Server, SSIS. Design and develop Enterprise Data Warehouse using Inmon (mart by mart) and OLAP solution using SSAS Tabular. Help managers leverage BI solution by teaching them how to use power BI and think in a data-driven manner. Help stake holders define their appropriate metrics and KPIs. Involving in dashboard design with Power BI Performance tuning for local applications and solutions. (SQL server) Code reviewer and supervisor for local developing applications. Achievements: So far we prepared Budget, HR, Production and Inventory data marts which lead to reduce some extra costs in budgeting.

  • Freelance Data Engineer

    at Mellat Insurance

    July 2018 - December 2018

    Ostān-e Tehrān

    Responsibilities: Performing predictive analysis (wide deep learning) algorithms using python (Tensor flow, numpy, revoscalepy, pandas,) in SQL Server 2017 from risk management project. Performing feature selection solution on datasets to clean data and change data entrance strategy in company Achievements We gained 79 % accuracy in our projects and classified customers in 6 groups based on their profit for the company. After demo launch we decided to set up a professional team and a statistics engineer joined the team which led to discover some data cleansing issue in data sources. We used different technics like feature selection, making dummy variables and ... to get better result. After that some policies were changed in data entry in Mellat Insurance.

  • BI Analyst

    at ETKA Chain Stores

    October 2017 - October 2018

    Ostān-e Tehrān

    BI developer :Analyze , Design and implement data warehouse , ETL process for about 300 stores in all over the country (average 4.5 million records per day, 3 billion record so far) using Oracle, SQL server, SSIS BI analyst and Business requirement analyst: Define KPIs and measures, designing dashboards for end users based on their preference and requirements. Achievements: We Achieved a high speed, sustainable ETL and Data warehouse by using new high-tech methods like In-memory table and tabular model in SSAS. We also migrate from traditional decision making system to a data-driven one which resulted in big changes in sales and SCM departments to gain more profit. Our system resulted in many needs and changes in organization which motivated organization to move toward more modern departments like CRM, digital Marketing and strategy department to define goals for every single store and region.

  • SQL Server Teach

    at Academic Center for Education Culture and Research

    September 2017 - September 2018

    Ostān-e Tehrān

    Teaching SQL Server (design and implement course focused on SQL Server 2016 new Features). I prepared about 40 students to work.

  • Business Intelligence Developer && Software Engineer

    at Raveshmand Consulting Co.

    September 2015 - October 2017

    Ostān-e Tehrān

    BI Developer & Backend Developer: Design and implement a new module called ‘Stats’ for Raveshmand’s Product Pointer which is a web-based, strategy management product for Big organizations and holdings. Performance tuning in database layer. Tools and programming languages I used was T-SQL in SQL Server, SSIS, C#, angular Design and implement data warehouse for Pointer database, strategic commission and strategic budget module for Day bank, Formula (to calculate Formula for KPIs and measures like SSAS) Achievements: We Reached 37% profit for selling ‘Stats’ module. Acquired Islamic Revolution Mostazafan Foundation(IRMF) as a loyal client after hosting Pointer which resulted in an innovative solution to design a dynamic data warehouse for IRMF (it was a big jump for me in BI context)

  • Business Intelligence Developer && Software Engineer

    at MediTechSys

    March 2015 - September 2015

    Ostān-e Tehrān

    Responsibilities: Software developer using SQL server, C# to develop a web portal for managers. BI developer: Integrate all financial data sources (Hamkaran, Shomaran and other financial system in each company) using T-SQL SSIS Achievements: we reached our goal, and finally hosted the portal, ran it in holding and all were satisfied. It was my first experience in SSIS and data integration, first step always is the most important one

  • (Tech support-Intern

    at SamehAra

    April 2014 - September 2014

    Ostān-e Tehrān

    Working with SAP, Creating SAP Smart Form and querying against SAP data repository to retrieve data for form customization in ABAP work bench.


  • B.S in Software Engineering

    at IUST

    2010 - 2015 (5 years)


  • English Negotiation