• Research & Development Chemist

    at Al-Qahtani Pipe Coating Industries

    March 2013 - at Present

    Minţaqat ar Riyāḑ

     3 Layer Polyethelyne & Polypropylene Coating Testing and Analysis for Oil and Gas sector.  Melting Mass Flow Rate (MFFR) Analysis for Polymers, Elongation of Polyethylene and Polypropylene Samples etc  Cathodic Disbondment Analysis, Differential Scanning Calorimetry (D.Sc.) for measuring Glass Transition Temperature (Tg) of Coated samples  Gel Time of Different Powder Coating samples, Moisture Content in Powder, Particle Analysis, density measurement of Powder for coating application  Technically dealing with Third Parties Inspectors of different clients  Knowledge of handling instruments for polymer testing like Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS), X-ray Diffraction, Viscosity measurement, Contact Angle measurement, Water resistance test, Anti fingerprint test etc  Thermal stability of polymer, Particle size analysis, Dispersion of pigments in polymers, Gloss measurement, Film thickness etc 

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