• ICT specialist and electronic as well telecommunication equipments repairman

    at National Iranain Oil Company(Iranian Offshore Oil Company)

    January 2011 - at Present

    Ostān-e Būshehr

  • senior seismic observer and instrument engineering

    at National Iranain Oil Company (oil exploration department)

    March 2000 - December 2010

    Ostān-e Tehrān


  • bachelor's

    at University of Applied Science and Technology

    2013 - 2015 (2 years) Ostān-e Fārs

  • bachelor degree

    at university of applied science and technology

    2013 - 2015 (2 years) Ostān-e Fārs


    at Sercel copany (France)

    2007 - 2007 (1 year) Pays de la Loire

  • 432 vibrator electronic

    at Sercel company(France)

    2004 - 2004 (1 year) Pays de la Loire

  • associate degree

    at shiraz university

    1993 - 1996 (3 years) Ostān-e Fārs

  • associate degree

    at Shiraz University

    1993 - 1996 (3 years) Ostān-e Fārs

Services offered

  • ICT services as well as electronic and telecommunication services

    1- Repair, maintenance and programming of VHF Motorola portable and mobile radios such as: GP-340, GP-338&328, GP900, GM-950, GM-300. As well as, Kenwood VHF portable radios.
    2- Repair, maintenance and tuning of different types of maritime radios with different bands of frequency such as: SAILOR (HF&VHF) radios; likewise, SSB and VHF long range radios (more than 100 km distance).
    3- Repair and maintenance of different types of aero bands radios and non-directional –beacon low frequency radio transmitters (NDB).
    4- Configuration and maintenance of different network hardware’s, which are implemented at the different OSI layers, such as: switches, Routers, and access points.
    5- Configuration, maintenance and repairing ;different types of point to point WLAN radios for transferring voice and data, as well as, internet from khark island to the oil platforms throughout the sea.
    6- Configuration and repair of voice over Ethernet (IP) devices, which are used for transferring phone lines through Ethernet lines.
    7- Repair and assemble of computer hardware such as power supply, mother boards and graphic cards; furthermore, repairing laptop computers.
    8- Repairing, different types of LCD and LED monitors with different brands.
    9- Repair and maintenance of different types of power supply such as switching power supply and transformer based power supply.
    10- Repair and maintenance of different types of UPS with various output power such as domestic and industrial types.
    11- Installation and troubleshooting of operating systems like: Windows, Macintosh, DOS as well as, partly Linux.
    12- Repair and tuning, different types of telephone systems such as: ordinary phones and cordless phones with long range of distance like SEANO cordless phones.
    13- Repair and maintenance of different types of printer, fax and scanner such as: EPSON, SAMSUNG, PANASONIC and CANON.
    14- Knowledge about Next Generation Networks (NGN) and various devices which are implemented at different layers of NGN.

  • senior seismic observer and instrument engineering

    My Responsibilities as a chief observer and instrument engineering along 12 years services in The Oil Exploration have been as follows:

    1- Signal processing during seismic operations.
    2- Management, Coordinating and organizing big seismic crews (2D&3D).
    3- Repair and maintenance of recording systems that are used for oil exploration.
    4- operatoring different type of electronic oil exploration recording systems.
    5- Training of new trainee observers and instrument technicians about: maintenance, repairing and operatoring, different type of recording systems , electronic also hydraulic oil exploration equipment’s.

    6- Repair and maintenance of electronic and hydraulic parts of different type of Vibroseises, that are used as a signal generator at the oil exploration operation projects.
    So far I have worked with following recording systems and equipment’s:
    1- SN-388(France)
    2- 408 UL (France)
    3- 408 CMXL (France)
    4- ARAM.ARIES (by GEO-X Company Canada)
    5- 428 XL (version 1&2&3&4) France
    6-landing, marine, transition zone, swamp, and mountain area equipment’s; also, seismic signal generators (vibroseises), such as: nomad 65 and p-23 by Sercel company (France), and M-18 and M-19 also, M-12 by MERTZ company (USA).

Knowledge and keywords


  • English Conversation

  • Persian Native

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