• Marketer & Administration Officer

    at Brotherhood Technical Services Company

    December 2015 - February 2016

    Al Minţaqah ash Sharqīyah

  • Chief Accountant

    at Axis Inspection Ltd

    December 2013 - August 2015

    Al Minţaqah ash Sharqīyah

  • Planning & Program Analyst

    at Saudi Aramco

    October 1981 - December 2013

    Al Minţaqah ash Sharqīyah


  • Bachelor

    at Lahore

    1971 - 1975 (4 years) Punjab

Services offered

  • CV Muhammad Jamil Anjum


    As an experienced with a strong background in finance accounting, strategic planning, NDT Equipment maintenance, inspection & inventory, Inspection Technology Center maintenance & inspection, Clients / Customers coordination and follow up. I am confident that my exceptional qualifications match your organization's current requirements. My expertise lies in my ability to effectively interact with clients and vendors, identify and resolve complex accounting issues, and develop innovative solutions for achieving a wide range of business development strategies and financial management objectives as well as equipment maintenance & inspection strategic planning.

    I have enclosed my resume for your review below. Some of the key strengths I can offer include:

    • A strong maintenance & inspection strategy planning and excellent administrative skills combined with an extensive base of knowledge and experience.

    • Acknowledged for being resourceful adaptable and self-directed with the ability to meet even the most challenging goals due to outstanding troubleshooting. Analytic and problem solving skills.

    • Material Coordination, material procurement, material issue, maintain inventory & control.

    • BI-1900 Items Departmental Coordination, processing, follow up.

    • Inspection Department Technology Coordinator, equipment ordering, maintenance, inventory, inspection, spare parts ordering, maintain inventory and maintain control on all technology items.

    I would appreciate a personal interview to discuss the ways in which my background and expertise could assist you in accomplishing your goals. Thank you for your consideration.

    Nationality: Pakistani
    Marital Status: Married with wife & 1 boy
    Passport: Valid up 2025
    Contact Cell: 0559734648
    Iqama: Transferable
    Qualification: Bachelor Degree – 1975
    Email: anjummj@asntsas.net

    EXPERIENCE (Total: 48 Years)

    Company: Brotherhood Technical Services Company
    Start Date: December 2015
    Period End: February 2016
    Position: Marketer & Administration Officer


    • To support the company (B-Tech) by marketing the NDT services and gaining new clients.
    • To support the institute (ITTI) by market the training courses and gaining new clients.
    • To handle the follow up processes with clients.
    • To handle the public relations issues related to both B-Tech & ITTI.
    • To contribute to the mobilization / demobilization of employees in accordance with Company procedures & policies and local Labor Law.
    • To maintain the currency of all employee documentation relating to residency & employment as required by relevant legislation
    • To support the effective & efficient dealings with appropriate Ministries and Embassies, with special regard to Project Licenses, Visas, and Communications equipment.
    • To contribute to the administration of localization quota systems in relation to Government Projects in accordance with Company procedures & policies and local Labor Law.
    • To verify all employment contract-associated paperwork in accordance with Company procedures & policies and local Labor Law
    • To maintain professional confidentiality in relation to dealings with personal employee information and Company’s sensitive issues.
    • To communicate with clients for feedback and satisfaction.

    Company: AXIS INSPECTION LTD (NDT Equipment Maint & Inspection)
    Period Start: December 02, 2013
    Period End: August 03, 2015
    Position: Chief Accountant & Customer/Client Coordination


    As Chief Accountant responsible for handling company’s account, customer’s Invoices review, payroll, bank transactions, daily accounts transaction report to management, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly bank transaction payable and receivable reports, finance transaction towards clients, follow up customers’ payment, clients invoices verification and payment schedule, customer’s invoices payment follow up. Internal & external accounts reports to the higher management as per their requirements on daily, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly basis. Employee’s payroll review and execution on time.

    Company Name: SAUDI ARAMCO (32 Years 2 Months)
    Period Start: October 18, 1981
    Period Ending: December 01, 2013
    Reasons for Leave: Retired – GC-12


    Planning, Development Department / Division Training Coordinator

    Prepare and maintain training plan for the department/division manpower:

    • Trainees
    • Apprentices
    • PDPs

    Initiate training plan for the development of the department/division manpower newly hired at department/division level as apprentices or PDPs, coordinate with Corporate Planning regarding the development of the manpower trainees, apprentices, PDPs.

    Planning & Program Analyst Division Level:

    • Division Budget, Operating Plan, Business Plan, Training Plan, Manpower reports, Accountability quarterly, half yearly, yearly reports
    • Cost sheet review & analysis, monthly budget analysis reports and other reports related to planning & budgeting provided to the management as and when required.
    • Monthly Cost Sheets print out from SAP for ID. Review and prepare the analysis to verify the charges against Labor, Material, and Invoices for the whole Inspection Department, Divisions, Groups, and Units,
    • Consolidate monthly cost sheets analysis from all divisions/groups and prepare final for ID Manager’s approval. Scanned Cost Sheets Analysis documents and save on IPS server folder and maintained folder hard copy as well.
    • Review Contractor Invoices as per the contract compliance with best of knowledge and pass on to Finance Accounting for final payment according to the procedure laid down by Saudi Aramco Contracting Department.

    Material Coordinator Department Level:

    • Order on Line LDORs requests from all OID Units & keep updated / maintain record for LDORs requests.
    • Create Purchase Requisitions Online requests received from all OID Units & maintain files for PRs for Audit purpose.
    • Follow up on PRs / LDORs etc. Contact Buyers & Vendors inquiries by email.
    • Follow up on enquiries regarding material ordering, material receiving and other related questions
    • After receiving the material spare parts for Advanced NDT equipments, maintains inventory data, record the items, spares in and out tracks as well as LDOR material receiving / issuing and maintain inventory etc.

    BI-1900 ITEMS Department Coordinator

    • Maintain & updates files for BI-1900 items
    • Update status report of BI-1900 Open items.
    • Enter DCPRs for BI-1900 items and other DCPRs in to SAP R/3 for ID.
    • Coordinate with FAWIP regarding BI-1900 open items and get the Plant Tag Numbers until the Job is closed.
    • Coordinate & work with Material Accounting Department regarding BI-1900, explained them about incorrect charges to the Job Orders.
    • Correspondence with FAWIP & Material Accounting Department regarding incorrect charges of BI-1900 items.

    TECHNOLOGY ITEMS Department Coordinator

    • Maintain & updates files for ES Technology items.
    • Update status report of ES Technology items.
    • Prepare DCPRs for ES Technology items.
    • Enter DCPRs for ES Technology items
    • Developed Project Tasks/milestones for Technology items on Excel sheet & update them from time to time.

    FIXED ASSETS INVENTORY Department Coordinator

    • Prepare & Maintain Record of Fixed Assets Inventory.
    • Check & verify physically all lists of Fixed Assets from ID.
    • Prepare and submit report to Supv / Supt OID on timely basis.

    COMPUTER INVENTORY (Laptops/Desktops)

    • Prepare and Maintain Record of all Laptops related to Fixed Assets & desktop computers.
    • Prepare and submit report to Supv / Supt OID as and when required.


    Fully taking care of every type of Building related maintenance jobs includes the following but not limited to:

    • Prepare Maintenance Work Order on SAP
    • Requests Minor Maintenance Tickets by email to C&BMD.
    • Coordinator for Bldg 2280 & 2281 Fire Alarm System Project
    • Carry out inside & outside building inspection weekly
    • Rectify & correspondence with Periodic Inspection findings and updating status reports for DFIG
    • Handling correspondence from Office Services related Equipment, building etc.
    • C&BMD related job handling & Tracking MMT and other Work Orders


    • Fully taking care of Janitorial Services at Bldg 2280 & 2281:
    • Receiving material from Contractor for Janitors services
    • Issuing material to Janitors working in Bldg 2280 & 2281
    • Monitoring attendance for Janitors and approve Monthly Time sheets.


    During my stay with Saudi Aramco, I joined American Society for Non-destructive Testing, Saudi Arabian Section in January 2005 which was administered and organized under Saudi Aramco Inspection Department and achieved the following accomplishments which continues as of today:

    Board Member SAS-ASNT Jul 2007 Jun 2009
    Secretary, SAS-ASNT Jul 2009 Continue to-date
    Chairman, President Award Program SAS-ASNT Jul 2005 Continue to-date
    Organizer, Educational Program SAS-ASNT Jul 2005 Continue to-date

    Chairman, Publicity Committee 5th MENDT Conference 2009 Bahrain
    Chairman, Publicity Committee 6th MENDT Conference 2012 Bahrain
    Chairman, Publicity Committee 7th MENDT Conference 2015 Bahrain

    2005-06 ASNT Fall Conference USA Achieved Ist Position Award
    2006-07 ASNT Fall Conference USA Achieved 2nd Position Award
    2007-08 ASNT Fall Conference USA Achieved Silver Award
    2008-09 ASNT Fall Conference USA Achieved Golden Award
    2009-10 ASNT Fall Conference USA Achieved Houston Golden Award
    2010-11 ASNT Fall Conference USA Achieved Golden Award
    2011-12 ASNT Fall Conference USA Achieved Orlando Golden Award
    2012-13 ASNT Fall Conference USA Achieved Las Vegas Golden Award
    2013-14 ASNT Fall Conference USA Achieved Charleston Golden Award
    2014-15 ASNT Fall Conference USA Achieved Salt Lake City Golden Award

    2012-13 ASNT Fall Conference Las Vegas USA declared & recognized “Diamond Recruiter” at the Award Ceremony held at Banquet Hall Las Vegas.

    2013-14 ASNT Fall Conference Charleston USA declared & recognized “Diamond Recruiter” at the Award Ceremony held at Banquet Hall Charleston.

    2014-15 ASNT Fall Conference Salt Lake City Utah declared & recognized “Diamond Recruiter” at the Award Ceremony held at Banquet Hall Hilton Grand Ball Room and awarded with “E-Tablet:.


    A total of 14 years service / experience in different fields and different departments:

    1973 - 1981
    • 8 years experience as Junior Auditor, Steno Typist, Steno grapher & Personal Secretary to the Deputy Auditor General Inspection of Pakistan from 1973 to 1981in the Office of the Auditor General of Pakistan
    1971 – 1973
    • Worked as Sepoy / Naik / Havaldar Clerk in Armed Forces at Desert Ranger Headquarter Bahawalpur.

    1969 – 1971
    • Worked as an Accountant with the local bodies in Lahore / Kasur handling accounting ledgers for the company.

    1967 – 1969
    • Worked as Posting Clerk in Warehouse at WAPDA Shahdara Power House Gas Turbine


  • English Conversation

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