Global IT Crisis & Chain Consultant, Speaker. Seminar Host IT vs Non IT. Propagator of 33 Universal Principles. All you have to do is to find out how 'IT' works for you and Just Do It... Your Way. Let YOUR FUN begin here ... Gain YOUR Edge® for that is the only really working for you.


  • IT Chain & Crisis Consultant, Speaker, Seminar Host, Coach, Profiler.

    at NQ™ & JTT Services & Consultancy

    April 2011 - at Present

    Provincie Zuid-Holland

    Hosting and Speaking on Seminars NQ™ Profiler for executive recruitment, HR, coaches and mediators Coach & Consultant for Project Managers IT Chain and Crisis Consultancy Ad Interim professional

  • Director/Owner

    at NumoQuest® Consultancy Coaching and Assessments advocating/propagating the 33 Universal Principles

    May 2007 - at Present

    Provincie Zuid-Holland

    Clinical Profiling of personality providing instant 3D insight of Natural Born - Primary Personal Latencies - Secondary Personal Latencies - Soft Skills Aid and supporting Consultants, Coaches, Parents, Education, Personal and clinical assessments for human behavior and direct support. Profiling is carried out without the personal aid/intervention of the Person of Interest.


  • Milit. Programmes C+

    at MinDef Netherlands

    1985 - 1989 (4 years)

  • NumoQuest® Coaching & Assessment Consultancy

    at LUMC

    1984 - 1984 (1 year)

  • NumOuest® Design

    at LUMC Netherlands

    1983 - 1983 (1 year)

  • Computing science and IT Networking

    at Min Def Netherlands

    1978 - 1983 (5 years)

  • I1 T1 M1

    at UMTS 1 Rotterdam

    1972 - 1978 (6 years)

Services offered

  • 33 Universal Principles transcending all and lift you to .... anywhere you choose.

    All start from within you and the Talents and Soft Skills you are born with. Not all these things you picked up along the way you walked up to here. 33 Universal Principles is what covers all known religion and stream and move all you see and feel in and around you.

    All it takes is changes the way you look and connect 'the Dots'. Your Dots.

    And before you even realizing it, you are on 'YOUR' way. It is as Simple as that.


  • Dutch Native

  • German Conversation

  • Spanish Conversation

  • English Negotiation

  • Italian Conversation

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