I have both functional and technical skills, meaning that I can understand the client’s needs
as well as the IT teams’ constraints.
I like solving "mind-challenging" challenges and creating a strong link of trust and mutual confidence with the clients.


  • Owner

    at Ganeos

    June 2015 - at Present


    Chief Technical / Research Officer for a French client Process modelling and optimizing Consulting and Transitional Management

  • Chief Technical / Research Officer

    at Ewalia

    June 2012 - at Present


    Wallaris, budget construction and monitoring software (SAAS) • Budget preparation and monitoring, governance • Business Intelligence, analytics, dashboards • Agile programming methods and Continuous Integration / Delivery • Project management, software development and integration • Functional and technical expertise : programming tools / clients’ requests • Risk and quality management • Client (int. / ext.) customization for budget / ticketing / sales / procurement • Management of the development team Main achievements: • Design and production of a software (SAAS), with a small team, running in production and sold to a client 1 year after creating the company • Development of customer loyalty leading to regular increase of the clients’ orders • Design and production of a software to manage the company (internal) • Put in place a way to work in a “Virtual Office”

  • Chief Operation Officer

    at Xaga

    January 2005 - August 2011


    ➢ Planning and strategy • Preparation and implementation of the CMMI repository ➢ Management (10 people team) • Development, testing and support teams ➢ XAGA Sofware (innovative software), Polymorphic request management software (SAAS or on-site) • Functional and technical expertise • Clients case studies, XAGA customization and consultancy (CIO governance, budget preparation and tracking, risk management) • Supervision of software implementation for clients (management assistance) • Software evolution and upgrades, focusing on useful innovations Main achievements: • RATP (Transport): Maintenance management tool of Paris’ 300 metro stations • RATP (Transport) : Time evaluation, costs and ROI tool for investment requests • Insurance: Budget conception, risk analysis with adapted visual dashboards

  • General Manager / Partner

    at Abstract

    December 1999 - April 2009


    ➢ Varuna (innovative software, dealing with a complex problem) • Modeling software, solving time schedule problems for universities • Conception and validation of data modeling • heuristic search development to find best solutions for the new constraints for classes time schedule for universities ➢ Counsel / Consultancy • Counsel for CEOs (part time CIO) • Implementation, management and development of web applications • Processes definition and implementation ➢ Project management • Conception and implementation of customized software • Conception and development of a simplified C.M.S.

  • Research Fellow

    at Caisse Nationale de Crédit Agricole / LODYC

    June 1996 - December 1999


    Doctorate preparation ➢ Research and development on risk management and decision aid tools to help traders’ intervention on the financial markets, using AI techniques (fuzzy logic, neural networks) ➢ Research and development of tools to study and forecast chaotic time-series ➢ Statistical expertise for the conception of new financial products

  • Officer

    at French Air Force

    August 1993 - December 1994


    ➢ Development of specific software / applications for the department ➢ Conception and integration of software for French AF foreign interventions reporting automation of the update of intermediate documents Main achievements: • reducing by 40x the time to update monthly reports (2 weeks → 2h)


  • Master Classe Négociation (Initial / Advanced / Expert)

    at ADN Group

    2018 - 2019 (1 year) Île-de-France

  • DEA Informatique et Recherche Opérationnelle (Option aide à la décision)

    at Université Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris VI)

    1995 - 1996 (1 year) Île-de-France

  • Statisticien Economiste et Administrateur

    at Ecole Nationale de la Statistique et de l'Administration Economique (ENSAE)

    1990 - 1993 (3 years)


  • English Negotiation

  • French Native

  • Spanish Negotiation

  • Dutch Elementary

  • Russian Elementary

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