• Petroleum Engineer

    at Trewan Oil Limited

    October 2019 - at Present

    Lagos State

    To assess the costs , production capabilities and economic value of oil and gas wells, in order to see if the potential drilling site is economically viable or not • To analyse data in order to recommend the placement of wells and supplementary processes to enhance production • To supervise well modification and stimulation programs, in order to maximize oil and gas recovery • To develop plans for oil and gas field development including drilling of new wells, oil field facilities and production growth • Reserves Evaluation: To estimate and quantify volumes initially in place and recoverable volumes from oil and gas resources • Production Forecasting- To derive future production volumes from individual wells and the full field as and when required both for existing wells, facilities and fields and the ones that are being planned. • To build and maintain analytical models of the subsurface for the purpose of predicting oil and gas field performance

  • Petroleum Engineer

    at Alpharetta Oil and Gas Services

    July 2019 - September 2019

    Lagos State

    • Support project lead team in managing assigned projects and the business development efforts of the company. • Support training and other business units of the company. • Support the Short-term oil generation/ Through tubing & Workover campaign of a client, Newcross E & P, project managed by Alpharetta. • Helped in collating document and data for tender bidding and submission.

  • Petroleum Engineer Trainee

    at Newcross Exploration and Production Limited

    July 2018 - June 2019

    Lagos State

    • Built material balance model for 4 reservoirs in Awoba main field, History matched the wells, matched the fractional flow curve which was used to determine and understand the reservoir drive mechanism, make decisions on the need for produced water injection and predict production. • Back-allocated Awoba, Ekulama and Awoba NW well production from the integrated production system capacity (IPSC) data and used it in determining each well production and performance. • Designed PVT model for a well in Ekulama, validate the PVT report, determine the phase diagram and the temperature at which wax is formed in the well using PVTP. • Analyzed on a 6months basis well test done on all wells producing in Awoba, Awoba NW and Ekulama and used the information to determine the maximum efficient rate (MER) submitted to DPR and uploaded on the national production monitoring system platform to enable digital MER test analysis to get the technical allowable rates (TAR).

  • Subsurface Undergraduate Intern

    at Shell Nigeria Exploration and Production Company

    September 2016 - January 2017

    Lagos State

    Well Engineering Responsibilities • Handled a well design project under the supervision of a well engineer for a case study well where I was able to provide the well casing schematic and to determine if the well is a potential candidate for a reduced casing scheme. • Updated a training matrix for the Well Engineering Department to help track the trainings of their staff for future purpose. Production Technology Responsibilities • Handled a project with a production technologist on sand management with Bonga south west/ Aparo (BSW/A) field as the case study to determine the method of sand control to be used. Other Responsibilities • Worked with a Petrophysicist in interpreting well logs


  • B.Sc Petroleum and Gas Engineering

    at University of Lagos

    2012 - 2017 (5 years) Lagos State


  • English Native