• Mechanical Engineer

    at Burien Firefighting Systems

    March 2017 - at Present


    - Mechanical Engineer at Burien Firefighting Systems (Solo Agent of SMI Pumps in Gulf Area) from March 2017 until now, work as below: 1- Design pump room layout for many projects in dificult situation, as small area with big pump for Vertical Turbine pumps and Horizontal Pumps 2- Supervise and design horizontal pumps units with assembly until full complete 3- Lead the team for test station established for horizontal pumps units, and make fire pump hydraulic test to be possible, to assure its works properly at its duty point and satisfy with NFPA 20 4- Handover the pumps for the clients and Civil Defense after testing and commissioning in the site, to assure its works properly at its duty point and satisfy with NFPA 20 5- Responsible for selection fire pumps for different situations, and check components compatibility as per UL listed and NFPA 20 for electrical motor and diesel engine and other components for the system, like flow meter, pressure gauge, pressure relief valve, etc

  • Mechanical Engineer

    at Saudi Mechanical Industries

    June 2016 - March 2017

    Minţaqat ar Riyāḑ

    - Mechanical Engineer at SMI (Saudi Mechanical Industries) from June 2016 to March 2017, work as below: 1- Responsible for selection vertical turbine Pump for different situations 2- Design vertical turbine pump as a gaudiness from NPC (National Pump Company) located in U.S.A, for different applications required, like water pump for irrigation from deep well or petroleum pumps works to suction and apply for another place 3- Actual testing for pumps in pump test station to sure that pumps reach the required design duty point. 4- Design pattern and master pieces on solid works, to processed after with CNC machine providing accurate patterns, to continue with mold and casting process in the factory


  • BS.c Mechanical Engineering

    at Hashemite Uni

    2011 - 2016 (5 years) Muḩāfaz̧at `Ammān

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