• Production Engineer

    at Pakistan Petroleum Limited

    March 2016 - at Present


    (1) Have in depth experience of petroleum production engineering software; GAP, PROSPER, JEMS and OFM. (2) Involved in planning and execution of slickline intervention including; BHP/BHT surveys, annulus pressure investigations, bailing sand and debris, shifting sleeves, setting/pulling plugs and redressing of WLRSCSSSV. (3) Involved in planning and execution of wireline intervention including; tubing puncture, production logging and Thru Tubing Perforation. (4) Involved in planning and execution of coiled tubing intervention including; salt cleaning, wax cleanout, proppant/sand clean-up, rathole clean-up, acid stimulations (Matrix acidizing/near well bore treatment) in sand stones and carbonates. (5) Involved in planning and execution of hydraulic fracturing, well stimulation and Surface Well Testing (6) Supervised operations regarding integrity and installation of wellhead, surface and sub surface well control system


  • Petroleum Engineering

    at UET Lahore

    2011 - 2015 (4 years) Punjab


  • English Native