As a senior academician with over 30 years of experience in managing academic and administrative aspects with reputed schools. I have developed proficiency in managing entire gamut of functions related to setting up educational institutes and managing entire administrative & pedagogical functions.


  • Founder / Principal

    at Future Leaders International Private School

    July 2017 - at Present

    Abū Z̧aby

    Founded the school Designed the curriculum and the whole pedagogical system and even founded the second branch Supervising more than 80 teachers and 25 staff Making Sure that 700 students are acquiring the appropriate knowledge and skills Workshop Leader training teachers on the newly acclaimed Multi - Layered Curricular Approach and on the ONE SUBJECT CALLED KNOWLEDGE APPROACH created by me and by my wife ( School's Acting vice principal ) Prepared the school's policies Passed Successfully the AIAA accreditation visit in Nov. 2019, being the first school getting accreditation in 14 months

  • Workshop Leader / Speaker

    at International Educational Organization

    July 2008 - July 2018

    Abū Z̧aby

    Conducted more than 500 workshops in 5 different countries . Elected Best Speaker in different educational symposiums. Some Workshop Modules as an example : - The Simplicity of the Differentiated Classroom - The Importance of an effective classroom management - Differentiation By emotion ( the Fifth Pillar ) - Mingling Formative and Summative - Implementing and Customizing the Finnish and the IB Models - The Multi - Layered Curriculum - One Subject Called Knowledge Pedagogical Approach

  • KG - 12 Vice Principal

    at International Community School

    August 2015 - June 2017

    Abū Z̧aby

    Supervised and Managed more than 70 teachers Heading the Grades 6 - 12 classes Founded the AP dept. in the school Redesigned the curriculum Workshop Leader : training the teachers throughout the year - New Differentiated Strategies - Top Notch Classroom Management Techniques - Positive Reinforcement Methods - Differentiation By Emotion ................... Prepared and Supervised the ADEK ( MOE ) and AvancED Inspections, by finalizing the SEF and related paper work.

  • Vice Principal (Grade 6 to 12 ) and Head of the IB - AP School

    at Abu Dhabi International Private School

    August 2009 - June 2015

    Abū Z̧aby

    Head of the International Baccalaureate DP and Advanced Placement . Vice Principal for Grades 6 to 12 Getting A ( Very good ) 3 times for the MOE inspection Best Results in IB for 5 consecutive years

  • Dean and Founder of the Computer Science Faculty

    at Mashdots College

    July 1996 - July 2007


    Supervising more than 12 teachers and 400 students Designed the curriculum for all computer science dept. Certified School Director from the State of CA Teaching Computer Science

  • Founder / Principal

    at Armenian National Technical School

    July 1992 - July 1995


    Founded the school ( Grades 9 to 12 Technical School ) - Technical Baccalaureate Designed and Developed the Curriculum Prepared and Implemented all policies, handbooks and procedures. Trained and Monitored more than 28 teachers and staff.

  • Math & Computer Science Teacher

    at Nazarian Technical High School

    August 1988 - July 1992


    Designed and implemented the Computer Science Curriculum for grades 9 to 12 classes. Was an active member in the team who designed the Math Curriculum for the same classes. Taught Grades 9 to 12 ( Technical Baccalaureate Students ) Math and Computer Science


  • Certified Computer Science Teacher

    at State of CA

    1998 - at Present (22 years)

  • Certified School Director

    at State of CA

    1997 - at Present (23 years) California

  • Masters In Leadership In Education

    at Abu Dhabi Univrersity

    2017 - 2018 (1 year) Abū Z̧aby

  • Bachelor Degree In Computer Science

    at French ( Saint Joseph ) University

    1986 - 1991 (5 years) Beyrouth


  • Arabic Native

  • English Negotiation

  • Armenian Native

  • French Negotiation