Detailed-oriented specialist,certified in Project Management with 12 years experience in public administration, international NGOs and private sector and 6 years of experience in project management within International institutions, engaged to turn grand ideas into deliverable projects or products.


  • Project Associate

    at United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

    October 2017 - December 2019

    Municipiul Chişinău

    Developed the AWP.Coordinated the planning and delivery of the project;Budgeted effectively-98% delivery in 2019/99% delivery in 2018;Developed the Annual M&E Plan,project concepts,ToRs, TPs and meeting minutes; Monitored and controlled grant funds;Coordinated the 2019 HR Campaign;the Media Coaching programm in Istanbul for 35 MPs;activities on parliamentary openness;the Mid-term evaluation of parliamentary assistance in Moldova, 2016-2018(interviews with the key stakeholders,MPs,donors conducted); SDG awareness.Implemented the induction program for new elected MPs(training sessions for 89 MPs), the e-Parliament informational system:electronic DMS for the law-making process,e-voting,and a new public web portal;Coordinated effective and timely execution of administrative management(procurement and contracts management);Staff recruitment; M&E of project activities;Gender mainstreaming in project implementation; Efficiently maintaining the communication with the beneficiary and the donor.

  • Project Manager

    at USAID

    February 2017 - October 2017

    Municipiul Chişinău

    Conceptualized and drafted new project proposals;Developed new grant opportunities for the stakeholders;Coordinated small grant activities;Operated with considerable autonomy in making decisions related to authorizing/declining grants; Project M& E (collected data from target communities and provided indicators, data) and reported to the Management Board; Organised events(conferences, seminars, meetings and visits); Liaised with vendors (e.g. event planners, translators, etc.) and negotiated contract terms and conditions; Maintained a strong collaboration with main stakeholders, ministries, central and local public authorities and external donors (Austrian Development Agency, USAID Moldova);  Drafted and implemented the Annual Work Plan (AWP); Budget management;Operated with online platforms for better promotion;   Supervised voluntary groups in the development process of the first Moldovan Tourist Information Center; Drafted and presented Progress reports to the donor. 

  • Senior Consultant

    at Diaspora relations Bureau of the State Chancellery, Government of the Republic of Moldova

    March 2014 - December 2016

    Municipiul Chişinău

    Drafted the Annual Work Plan; Managed budgets, including planning, monitoring and reporting; Conceptualized, developed and implemented new national governmental programs (Diaspora Days, DOR programme); served as lead proposal writer of the Diaspora Engagement Hub Programme (a social, educational, cultural, and innovative grant programme, total budget of approx. 200 000 CHF), being responsible for issuing and monitoring all sub grants of DEH regional programming; this included the successful launch, monitoring and completion of the programme. Developed a capacity building strategy and program to target issues of the national diaspora in the Moldovan local governance structure; Developed semi-structures and face to face interviews (diaspora communities) and analysis for Diaspora Mapping Study 2015-2016; Coordinated the implemented activities with the support of the central and local authorities, and external partners(SDC; GIZ) and foreign institutions on migration and development issues.

  • Senior Specialist

    at City Hall

    December 2012 - March 2014

    Municipiul Chişinău

    Drafted and implemented the Annual Work Plan of the division; Organized workshops and round tables on social and cultural events;Monitored and evaluated the educational, cultural and social programs implemented by Chisinau Central District; Coordinated cultural and educational grant activities; Assisted in complex events planning and managed budgets; Conducted internal advocacy for minority groups; Moderated focus groups; Conducted surveys, which involved field, interview and focus group assessments;Analyzed and interpreted data to identify patterns and solutions; Wrote detailed reports and presented the results to the administration. 

  • Manager, Sales and Marketing Department

    at Bucuria LTD

    October 2011 - December 2012

    Municipiul Chişinău

    Drafted and implemented the Annual Work Plan; Organised participation to national exhibitions;Monitored and evaluated the activities implemented; Cooperated with different national stakeholders; Collected sales data / graph design;Liaised with vendors (e.g. event planners, graphic designers, etc.) and negotiated contract terms and conditions; Analyzed and interpreted data to identify patterns and solutions, including surveys; Advised clients or senior management on how to best use research findings;Wrote detailed reports and presented results (PPT presentations); Managed budgets.

  • Manager, Marketing Department

    at EuroCreditBank

    February 2011 - October 2011

    Municipiul Chişinău

    Drafted and implemented the Annual Work Plan; Monitored and evaluated the implemented activities; Liaised with vendors (e.g. event planners, graphic designers, etc.) and negotiated contract terms and conditions; Collected sales data based on the implemented Marketing Annual Plan; Designed graphs and collected data; Drafted annual reports;  Presented the reports to the administration. 

  • Consultant

    at The Moldovan Investment Agency

    July 2008 - December 2010

    Municipiul Chişinău

    Organized events and managed logistics, and budgets; Liaised with vendors (e.g. event planners, translators, graphic designers, etc.) and negotiated contracts; Implemented new projects with the aim to attract investors in the Republic of Moldova (Moldovan Food and Drinks Exhibition, 2012; Moldova Business Week, 2010; Moldovan Wine Festival and Culture in Poland, Krynica, 2009; Vienna Economic Forum, 2008); Conceptualized and implemented the "Moldova Presents" national programme; Developed and maintained trust and work relationships with the stakeholders;Maintained a permanent collaboration with the national authorities and diplomatic missions;  Organized the Round Table of Ministers of CEI Countries States in the framework of the 11th edition of the CEI Summit Economic Forum in Moldova (October , 2008).


  • Certificate in Project Management, PRINCE 2

    at The Knowledge Academy

    2019 - 2019 (1 year) Barcelona

  • Grant Proposals

    at Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology

    2019 - 2019 (1 year)

  • Evaluation in UNDP for Senior Managers Certificate

    at UNDP

    2018 - 2018 (1 year)

  • Public Policies Seminar

    at International Organisation for Migration (OIM)

    2016 - 2016 (1 year) Berlin

  • Leadership and Rhetoric

    at United Nations

    2016 - 2016 (1 year)

  • International Communication and Public Speaking

    at Academy of Public Administration

    2015 - 2015 (1 year) Municipiul Chişinău

  • ​Effective Public Policy Papers

    at The Academy of Public Administration

    2015 - 2015 (1 year) Municipiul Chişinău

  • Protocol and Etiquette in Public Administration

    at The Academy of Public Administration

    2013 - 2013 (1 year) Municipiul Chişinău

  • Master of Science in Business Administration

    at Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova

    2008 - 2011 (3 years) Municipiul Chişinău

  • Bachelor of Science in International Economic Relations

    at Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova

    2002 - 2007 (5 years) Municipiul Chişinău

Services offered

  • Project Management

    Holding a Prince 2 Project Management Certification and with 6 years of experience in project management within International institutions, I have a strong belief that my skills and knowledge can enhance the effectiveness of the job to be implemented. In my last position, the priority areas set in my work activity were the budget and project planning, compilation of project deliverables, team management, analysis, monitoring and evaluation, coordination activities and regular reporting. One of my missions has been to improve transparency of the budget process and documents towards planning, drafting, and revising the project Annual Work Plans with the annual budget consisting of 1 000 000 USD, as well as the direction and control of financial activities such as procurements and utilizations of funds (institutional consultancy, service contracts, etc.). Prior to that, in a previous collaboration with the Government of Moldova, I had served as lead proposal writer of the Diaspora Engagement Hub Programme (a social, educational, cultural, and innovative grant programme, total budget of approx. 200 000 CHF), being responsible for issuing and monitoring all sub grants of DEH regional programming; this included the successful launch, monitoring and completion of the programme. I have expertise in the areas of civic education, parliamentary openness, and gender and inclusion, and having worked both with governmental bodies to develop outreach and inclusion strategies as well as management of portfolios of up to 30 civil society grants working on educational, cultural, migration and development, targeting marginalized population. I believe the expertise I gained in working in projects with complex stakeholders’ structure would be an asset in activities related to different complex sectors. Other activities allowed me to develop a bright experience in facilitating the organization of diverse workshops and conferences with the participation of international experts (roundtable on Parliamentary Civic Education organized in February 2019, with the participation of staff from two other European parliaments (Houses of Parliament, UK and Riksdag, Sweden)). I had also been appointed by Governmental Decision as Secretary of a governmental Working Group to coordinate the organization of national and international events (Diaspora Days, Diaspora Congress and Diaspora Investment Forums in Barcelona and Lisbon, and others).
    Beside my project management responsibilities, I have gained significant operational experience in analytical activities such as monitoring and evaluation of the project’s objectives (construction of the project’s monitoring tools, disaggregated data collection and analysis), or carrying out a mapping study across several countries (Spain, Italy and Portugal (2015-2017)), using semi-structured interviews methods, face-to face interviews, and the analysis of collected data by drafting a Capacity Building Plan.
    Although not the focus of my activities, my previous positions helped me gain knowledge in IT tools and digital processes. I gained significant operational experience in the management of business processes through IT systems (ERP Atlas) by overseeing the procurement activities of the project: procurement plan, activities, vendors, payments, travel arrangements, vendor selection process, etc. I have also coordinated and facilitated the implementation of a parliamentary information system for the Parliament of Moldova. The solution consisted in 3 components: an electronic document management system for the law-making process, an electronic voting system for the parliamentary plenary sessions, as well as a new web portal for the general public.
    Furthermore, strong communication skills helped me successfully deliver keynote speeches to prominent leaders during high-level European meetings, as well as establish successful partnerships with a diverse range of international partners and stakeholders (minority groups, diaspora communities, civil society representatives and legislative bodies) by building collaborative relationships within and outside the organizations. These interactions have offered me a breadth of knowledge, since it required a large amount of responsibility and engagement. I have been working with and fluently speak 3 European languages (English, Russian and Romanian) and currently hold medium level in Spanish and French.
    In sum, my 6 years long experience in project management roles allowed me to build extensive skills in budgeting, planning, analysis, monitoring and evaluation, reporting, speaking as well as team management and coordination activities, in which I have been able to express my natural leadership abilities thanks to a bright character, strong spirit, and an organized and goal-driven mind-set. I always put all my efforts and effectiveness into making sure that I provide my best in my job, and I honestly hope that this letter will convince you of my competences and suitability for this position.


  • Spanish Conversation

  • English Negotiation

  • Romanian Native

  • French Conversation

  • Russian Negotiation

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