An Architectural Engineer holding a master’s degree in Construction Management from Thomas Jefferson University seeking to employ knowledge, skills and experience. I occupy the position of instructor of (EQIP) in FHM provided to Saudi ARAMCO. Holding certificates in FMP, Highfiled trainer,and OSHA.


  • Facility Management

    at The National Training Center for Facilities and Hospitality Management (FHM)

    December 2018 - at Present

    Al Minţaqah ash Sharqīyah

    - Instructor in facility management. - Project Manager of FHM’s center renovation project. - Manager of EQIP aramco program in FHM.

  • Civil Engineer

    at Gulf Consolidated Contractors Co.

    October 2012 - April 2013

    Al Minţaqah ash Sharqīyah

    - Supervised and inspected site in Wasit Downstream Pipeline project. - Reviewed materials/shop drawings submittals. - Monitored compliance with all quality and safety guidelines and polices.

  • Architect - Internship

    at Sarh Architecture Engineering Office

    May 2011 - August 2011

    Al Minţaqah ash Sharqīyah

    - Conceptualized, designed and executed sites of projects. - Preparing drawings, quantities, and 3D of projects.


  • Faciliy Management Professional (FMP)

    at IFMA

    2019 - 2019 (1 year)

  • OSHA 30-hour In General Industry Safety and Health Certificate.

    at OSHA

    2019 - 2019 (1 year)

  • International award in delivering training Level 3

    at Highfield Qualifications

    2019 - 2019 (1 year)

  • Master's in Construction Management

    at Thomas Jefferson University

    2016 - 2018 (2 years) Pennsylvania

  • English Academic Studies

    at Lewis & Clark College

    2014 - 2015 (1 year) Oregon

  • Bachelor's Degree in Architecture.

    at University of Dammam

    2007 - 2012 (5 years) Al Madīnah al Munawwarah

Services offered

  • Cost Estimate

    Providing Cost estimate of the project by dividing the project materials into different divisions. the Basis of the estimate, which will include the name, location, and description of the project. It also will show the general area of different parts of the project. The second part will summarize the whole Detailed Back-up parts by giving the price of each division and the total of all division. Also, it will add other costs such as taxes, general overhead, profit, bonds, insurance, and contingency to the overall total cost of the project. The third part will cover the detailed Back-up, which present the quantities and the unit cost of each element in all divisions as assemblies. After that, part four will show a detailed Back-up of our self-performance in the project, which is division “03 concrete”. This part will provide a table that shows the crews that will be in our self-performance and the daily output. Then, part six will present a table of the general requirement that include the durations and the costs. Part Seven will present the procurement Buyout log, which covers the subcontractors and venders of the project, and the bid price with the dates of bid and award. Finally, the last part will show submittal schedule calculate.

  • Work Breakdown Structure

    This service will present the work breakdown structure of the project, which will show the owner the whole scope of the project. It will show all the activities in the project to be built from “general level” to “detailed level”. Also, the service will help us to identify each task and the steps that required to perform it. However, the work breakdown structure is to preset all tasks and activities in the project but it does NOT represent the schedule of the project.

  • Project Schedule

    This service will present the schedule of the project. The schedule will show the duration of the project in general and the duration of each task in specific by identifying the predecessors and float days for each task of the scope. Also, the schedule will show the milestones in the project, which will help us to keep track and control the project. In the scheduling, I used primavera and MS Project software that will help us to update and reschedule any task if there are any change orders during the project.

  • Project Cash Flow

    This is service will present the cash flow of the project. I prepared a cash flow analysis that will help us to manage our cash flow during the project and organized our invoices throughout the project.

  • Site Logistics Plans

    This Service will cover one of the most significant phases in the project which is the site logistic plan. This phase has a big role of determining the quality of the work by providing a good plan to keep the materials safe in the site. Also, this phase will have a huge impact on the schedule of the project, which can either delay the project or deliver it before the actual duration of the project. Moreover, the safety of the work can increase or decrease by organizing the elements and workers on the construction site. However, in this Service we provide a detailed logistic plan that includes mobilization phase, pre-shell phase, and post-shell phase. Each phase will have an organization plan for all elements and movements in the site, which will facilitate our work in the site and make it more efficient.


  • Arabic Native

  • English Negotiation