• L2 Engineer

    at SISAP

    January 2012 - at Present

    Departamento de Guatemala

    L2 Software Support Engineer troubleshooting issues and product malfunction to determine fixes, assisting customers until solution is provided in a multi-tier collaboration environment to provide the “best effort” support experience. Remote assistance through scheduling calls as needed. Current product area of expertise is on vulnerability assessment, risk management and network flow traffic insight that customers extract from scanning assets, backing up data from network devices and inspecting flow data. Knowledge on DevOps (limited) and how cloud solution approaches on-premise product installs for customers.


  • Masters in IT and Communications

    at USAC

    2017 - at Present (3 years) Departamento de Guatemala

  • Electronics Engineer

    at USAC

    2005 - 2016 (11 years) Departamento de Guatemala

Services offered

  • Engineer, Support and Knowledge

    Assistance and support. Client oriented support in resolving issues for their environment to continue operations. Post-sale, strong soft skills.


  • English Negotiation

  • Italian Negotiation

  • Spanish Native