• Senior Marketing Manager

    at Driscolls China Co., Ltd

    January 2019 - at Present

    Shanghai Shi

    Responsible for the California berry brand “Driscoll’s” brand positioning, product, launch plan and intergrated marketing project Annual digital plan develop and execution. Including: brand website,SEO and SEM, official account in little Red book and Tik Tok; Selection and expansion of KOL/KOC cooperation projects to comprehensively improve brand exposure and consumer awareness Work together with EC sales team to develop and implement E-Commerce strategy,tactical campaigns,( Tmall, JD, suning, etc.) product portfolio, in-site marketing, responsible for project ROI CRM system design and management, through different marketing activities, to maintain the active and participation of CRM members PR and Media Plan. Drive brand awareness through TVC、Celebrity and big event. Sponsor TV shows and TV series to build brand awareness

  • Marketing Manager

    at Ele.me

    March 2015 - May 2018

    Shanghai Shi

    Responsible for whole year integrated marketing activities: based on the market objectives, coordinated the operation, platform and other business departments, integrated online and offline, internal and external resources, planned and executed marketing activities, ensured the creativity, traffic and marketing results of activities, and improved the platform GMV Responsible for the cooperation projects with consumer product brands, using various effective online and offline promotion campaign to increase the number of UV, PV and users Find the new things around target users, find hot events, make marketing communication content, and obtain activity effect Everyday tracking of the operation effect, analysis of background data and timely feedback and summary of experience, establish effective operation finding to enhance user activity, increase attention and user stickiness

  • Senior Brand Manager

    at Pepsico Investment (China) Limited

    December 2009 - February 2015

    Shanghai Shi

    Developed and gain approval for Mirinda strategy that delivers sustainable growth through building mega-brand image, T3/4 focus, flavor play by area and pipeline of innovation to excite the market and consumers. Coordinate with R&D to finalize the formula and launch new flavors. Identify flavor in selected MUs. Develop new products KV, POSM and guidebook to MU Lead Mirinda dedicated MT, TT CVS channel program. The project including: UTC, sampling, dealer promotion, etc. Drive Mirinda brand activation through sponsorships of big events and TV shows. Be in charge of the advertising plan. Be supervising the process of ad shooting. To coordinate with media Dept to complete the media plan and investment. Lead online program to support AOP campaign by generating buzz and traffic in QQ and weibo platform

  • Group Brand Manager

    at Perfetti Van Melle Confectionery (China) Limited

    July 2005 - November 2009

    Shanghai Shi

    Lead to develop brand strategy for Mentos brand. Lead advertising and communications activities with the agreed strategy & priorities for Greater China. Develop needs-based, non-traditional campaigns and communications which are fresh, creative and brand supportive to the specific brand audiences Leading the organization’s digital strategy, including SEM, SEO, website, social and content, KOL contend development and relationship maintain,with the key objective of connection and optimization between these channels PR/Non-Paid Media – Works closely with Global/Regional Communications Group to create innovative and creative media activity that supports the overall brand agenda and objectives Be responsible for product innovations and marketing campaigns, such as branding activities, promotion, and channel penetration etc. Take a leader’s role for brand/category management, budget allocation, assessment, monitoring and controlling

  • Marketing Assistant

    at Heineken Trading (ShangHai) Co., Ltd

    January 2003 - June 2005

    Shanghai Shi

    Team member. Involves in several large research projects, including framing the plans, controlling the whole flow, discussing with agencies at meetings and auditing the result of the projects. To manage the plan, schedule and execute marketing programs activities. Material for activities preparation and explanation. Carry out the activities and with team members making the new marketing planning. Update and strengthen the company date base, Planning and achieving the KDA annual target, Coaching KDA selling skill and product knowledge.


  • Marketing

    at Bachelor's

    1999 - 2002 (3 years) Shanghai Shi

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