Discover what people are really saying when you are communicating with them. I can help you strategically communicate to get what you want, without having to expose your weaknesses or your vulnerabilities.


  • Strategic Communications Expert

    at Consultant

    December 2017 - at Present

    Kottayam - Kerala

    No one wants to get hurt, no one likes to feel embarrassed, so people do and say things that first protects them before communicating what he or she wants. Which leaves plenty of room for misunderstandings! Those who can see beyond the pretenses can succeed in getting what they want. I can help you discover what people are really saying when you are communicating with them, and then strategically communicate to get what you want without having to expose your vulnerabilities. My career as a marketing and a sales professional, has given me the opportunity to meet several interesting people, handle so many strange yet challenging situations. And through my experiences and understanding of people, I identify my self as a Strategic Communications Expert. Experience is my teacher and I hope to share that with you and learn something from you, as well. Drop a message or email me at, to get in touch with me. Always happy to have a conversation!

  • Corporate Sales - FX

    at Delma Exchange

    October 2016 - February 2017

    Abū Z̧aby

    Delma Exchange aims at providing international exchange solutions for businesses and private individuals. As a Corporate Sales Executive, my job was to contact and sign up new clients. Responsibilities • Lead Sourcing: Using online sources (social platforms, cold calling & emails), I contacted companies and the respective decision makers to introduce our portfolio and to understand the nature of their forex exposure. • Trading agreement and Compliance: Upon ascertaining the client’s interest, I would then proceed to send our trading agreement to sign them up and request KYC documents for compliance procedures. • 360* Client Responsibility: Owing to the unpredictable nature of the FX market, my responsibilities included understanding various areas of my client’s business in terms of his/her FX market exposure. • Achieving Targets: Designated targets were achieved in terms of leads, revenue, and a number of transactions per month and quarter.

  • Sales Executive

    at Data Capture Systems

    August 2015 - August 2016

    Abū Z̧aby

    Data Capture Systems integrates mobility enterprise systems such as bar code systems, RFID, Mobile devices with businesses for cost-effective tracking and management of their assets. My job was primarily lead generation and securing more business from existing accounts. Responsibilities • Lead Generation: Cold calls, emails, references, contact via LinkedIn, searching for companies on the internet. • Account Management: Management of existing accounts through regular follow-ups and meetings. • Meeting with Clients: To discuss and understand their requirement, access to the right team of account managers, in accordance. • Excel Based Reporting and Power-point Presentations: Submitting weekly/monthly sales presentation reports using MS Excel, to the reporting manager. PowerPoint presentations to clients. • Negotiating with Vendors: Maintaining relationship with vendors, negotiation of prices and scheduling delivery of items, on site and off site.

  • Manager-in-charge for Sales & Customer Support

    at Nesote Technologies

    July 2013 - July 2015

    Kozhikode - Kerala

    Nesote Technologies is an IT firm that caters to creating and providing web-based software to an international clientele. I was the Manager-in-charge for sales & customer support, with a team of sales & support staff. Responsibilities 1. Management of Team: Hiring and management of executives for sales and customer support team. Effectively carried out both. 2. Client Management: Developed and maintained excellent relationship with clients that developed into further profitable transactions for the company. 3. Marketing Activities: Lead generation and sales, were strategized and executed through inbound marketing. It involved various combinations of marketing communications and digital marketing, which was planned and executed by me and my teammates. 4. Quality Checks: In terms of individual performances of team members, verified the level of communication with clients. Assisted and advised teammates on the level of support. Thereby, maintaining a standard of efficiency.

  • Junior Partner

    at Mool Content Solutions

    January 2012 - July 2012

    Mumbai - Mahārāshtra

    Mool Content Solutions is a digital content development agency, located in Mumbai, India. During my employment, I worked on various projects pertaining to; • Marketing Communications: I conceptualized and developed content for IT companies and others, pertaining to: Corporate and Product Brochures, Organisational and Technical Case-Studies, Company Websites, Online Marketing Campaigns & Branding. • Social Media: Have managed and developed content for a popular virtual community on social media. I have also engaged in branding and marketing communication activities, for the same. • Thought Leadership Articles: Developed a series of thought leadership articles for a renowned IT company. The process involved on-site coverage, press reporter style. It also involved direct video interviews and video transcriptions of them. • SEO Articles: As part of inbound marketing, developed SEO articles, on Lifestyle & Health, Travel & Living, Banking etc.


  • Inbound Certified

    at HubSpot Academy

    2018 - 2018 (1 year)

  • MBA

    at Amrita School of Business

    2009 - 2011 (2 years) Coimbatore - Tamil Nādu

Services offered

  • Stratetic Marketing Communications/Brand Consultant/Image Consultant

    Do you have to trouble figuring out how to communicate the right information, about your product or service, to your customer? Would you like to attract the right kind of audience to your Brand? It all comes down to your positioning statement. How you differentiate yourself from your competition, how your brand solves or addresses a problem and how your brand is perceived by your customer (what is attractive about it?) I can help you figure these things out and plan an effective communications strategy with the right tools that can help market your brand/product/services to the your target market. So go ahead, send me a message and I will get back to you.

  • Content Writing/Content Planning

    Have an idea that you're working on but don't know to how to frame into a sentance? Do you suffer from writer's block and wish you had a productive outlet to vent out your confused thoughts? I can help you show why you have these problems and I can show you how to deal with them permanently. So feel welcome to drop me a line and say hello. I'm here to help.

  • Article Wiriting

    Thought leadership, self-help articles, Story-writing, Creative Writing, these are some of my expertise under this service. If you like the way I write and would like me to write for you, you're more than welcome to avail this service.

  • Ghost Writing

    Want to write something and publish in your name? Drop me a line and I'll get started right away.

  • Digital Marketing Strategies

    I can teach you how to develop a marketing plan, by focussing on some key strategies that can help your business find and sell to it's audience.


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