An international storyteller 'pur sang'. Love to help others succeed in business by telling their story and get a business going (again). Although coming from print, I'm at the front of new media developments and love to evangelize new products. It's in my dna to be spear-heading as free-lancer.


  • Business Developer

    at Tube Community

    November 2018 - at Present

    Provincie Noord-Holland

    Tubecommunity is a new service developed for SME's with a YouTube channel. Many companies launched and filled their corporate YouTube channel with some videos, but then forgot about it and are not sure how and why to continue this online video presence. Tubecommunity creates, optimizes and markets SME YouTube channels. And once it has created or optimized a channel, it can successfully advertise and generate more traffic and subscribers to it, while through AVOD, TVOD or SVOD more revenues can be generated. Tubecommunity has all the knowledge to make this happen with a powerful and an unique approach. Your channel will be more interesting to watch and get discovered by new subscribers. I'm proud to take part in this new service tool development and focusing on both SME and Charity.

  • Sales Director a.i.

    at Online Cookie Collective

    June 2018 - October 2018

    Provincie Noord-Holland

    Start-up in Amsterdam active in creating video for YouTube advertising. Coined as the 'hub content producerer' in the Google 3-H video content model and pitching for brands direct or social media agencies looking for ideas to work with YouTubers and create loyalty among the next generation of viewers.

  • Chief Online Reputation Officer

    at CoolBrandsPeople

    January 2017 - June 2018

    Provincie Noord-Holland

    Helping entrepreneurs to build their online presence and create a strong reputation. Starting with creating awareness for the new reputation economy and then help positioning them with key assets to produce content around. With the right tags in text, images and video, and good link backs a strong profile on google page 1 can be realised within weeks. Who the Google are YOU?

  • Employee Advocacy

    at Caracter Company

    July 2017 - February 2018

    Provincie Noord-Brabant

    A retail consultancy company that has as mission to bring together suppliers and retailers and have them work together better. With the ultimate goal of filling the shopper basket, create more client loyalty and improving profits for both parties. I basically used the employee advocacy principles. I helped realize a new website showcasing Client Stories and Employee Blogs and Vlogs. Authentic stories that help to depict a company with hardworking and highly motivated people, satisfied customers and a vibrant working environment.


  • European Studies

    at Univ. of Amsterdam

    1983 - 1988 (5 years) Provincie Noord-Holland

Services offered

  • Online Reputation Management

    Helping business people to create a strong and consistent online reputation

  • social ghostwriting

    my social ghostwriting service offers you the chance of getting social content out each week without the hassle of the actual writing, finding relevant topics etc. I will draft a text of 300-400 words, for you to give the 'final touches' and post it under your own name. This could be for WordPress, LinkedIn, but also smaller versions for Twitter.

  • advertising sales

    I'm helping start-ups who can't afford to hire an fte in sales to get up and running. I'm paid by the hour with a incentive in bonus on top.
    But I also offer regular advertising support for short-term positions or commission based advertising sales in running businesses.

  • Media Sales Power

    I'm active on the cutting edge between traditional print and online media. Sold both during my 20+ years of sales experience and know how to apply the best tool for the job.


  • Dutch Native

  • English Negotiation

  • German Negotiation

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