is an online journal and podcast that focuses on China’s Culture & Entertainment Industries, such as; entertainment-tech, film & box-office, Chinese anime, digital comics (manhua), mobile games, freemium e-publishing, the gamification of mini-programs, social+, and live-streaming.


  • Speaker / Consultant

    at China Entertainment & Entertainment-Tech Specialist

    August 2018 - at Present


    Speaker & Panelist on China's entertainment-tech sectors: China's ACGN - Anime / Comics / Games / Light Novels ($72BnUSD China industry) Red Liberation Cinema: China's fastest growing action-propaganda sub-genre. ("Wolf Warrior 2" $874MMUSD box-office) Movie-Towns: China's movie-theme park industry & "how they differ" from the West. (World's largest theme park industry by 2020) Digital Disruption and the Rise of Female Geekdom. (cross-cultural look of North America & China, as females make up 50% of all audiences / players / readers / con-goers worldwide). Consulting (available) & Business Experience ranging from Branded IP to China's film industry / box-office / content platforms.

  • Analysts / KOL on China's ACGN Streaming & Video Industries

    at Chinese Anime / Manhua Comics / Games / Freemium Light Novels

    January 2018 - at Present


    Specialist in the growing ACGN - Chinese Anime / Manhua Comics (digital) / Games / Light Novels - markets and industries in China. ACGN is one of the fastest growing sectors in China with an incredible user stickiness (Gen Z.) ACGN Growth $15BnUSD in 2015 to $72BnUSD by 2020, Streaming Platform - Bilibili Group ($483MMUSD Nasdaq IPO - Valuation $5BnUSD), Freemium e-publishing - Tencent Literature ($1.1BnUSD HK IPO - Valuation $10+BnUSD). The ACGN industries hold ample opportunities for non-Chinese IP to be licensed for localization, for Chinese Gen Z consumption. For inquiries of my upcoming "White Paper" on China's ACGN industry, please contact directly.


  • Global Campus IT Readiness Program - Front End & Mobile Development

    at University of Arkansas

    2018 - at Present (2 years) Arkansas

  • Chinese (Mandarin) I

    at Beijing Film Academy

    2007 - 2008 (1 year) Beijing Shi

  • Dept. of Film / Dept. of East Asian Culture

    at University of Kansas

    2001 - 2006 (5 years)

Services offered

  • Speaker / Consultant

    Speak and consult on a wide range of Chinese entertainment (box-office, iQiyi, Tencent Literature, KuaiKan, etc.) and entertainment-tech (Tencent / NetEase / Bilibili Group, etc.), along with China's burgeoning ACGN sector (Chinese Anime & Animation, Manhua Comic Books, Games, Freemium Light Novels).

    Speaking Experience at Arkansas' largest fan con, Konsplosion!, and will be a featured panelist at next year's Silicon Dragon event in LA.

    For speaking or consulting engagements, please contact directly.


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