I save writers from embarrassment by finding and correcting errors before they publish. I also create and lead workshops in American grammar, business writing, and interpersonal skills, including DiSC.

My only goal is to help business professionals look and sound as smart as they are.


  • The Grammar Goddess

    at Grammar Goddess Communication

    April 1996 - at Present


    Owner of Grammar Goddess Communication I help business business professionals look and sound as smart as they are by creating and leading corporate workshops in American grammar, business writing, interpersonal skills, and DiSC©. If you write anything from blogs to web content to annual reports, let me check your documents before you publish.

  • Co-owner

    at 4th Monday Networking

    August 2013 - August 2015


    The 4th Monday Networking event takes place every month at the Red Stone Grill in North Attleboro from 5:30-8 p.m. Normally there are 40+ business professionals from around the region, which makes for great networking!

  • Director

    at BNI (Business Network Internatinal)

    April 2004 - September 2014


    I supported up to 12 local BNI chapters, helping their members achieve their personal ROI. For two years, I was the Regional Training Director, creating and leading basic and advanced Member Success Programs for members.


  • B.S.

    at Stonehill College, Easton, MA

    1977 - 1991 (14 years) Massachusetts

Services offered

  • Copyediting

    All writers benefit from having another person read the what we've written; it's tough to proof our own work because we know what we meant! We may put a word in as we're reading that isn't there, or we may trust spellcheck too much, forgetting that it only checks spelling, not usage.

    My first questions are always about the intended audience, their presumed level of education or knowledge about the subject matter, and the intent of the article, blog, or book.

    I check the words in terms of the intended audience, but I also make sure the writer has used the correct words and punctuation. I check to see if the paragraphs make sense, if there are segues between them, and if there's a natural flow to the written piece -- a beginning, a middle, and a logical end.

    I make suggestions, but it's the writer who makes the final decisions. Each writer has a distinctive voice, and I honor that.

    My only goal in this process is to have the writers look and sound as smart as they are.

    If you'd like me to look at anything you've written, please ask. I will check one page for FREE.

  • 4 Main Corporate Workshops

    Over the last 20 years, I have created and led workshops in three primary areas: American grammar, business writing, and interpersonal skills (including DiSC©). I started out with the traditional six-hour workshops, only to realize that a six-hour program is much too long for many business pros.

    Here is a synopsis of the three most popular workshops:

    "Brush Up on Your American Grammar Skills"
    When did you last take a grammar class? Were you about 12 or 13, wondering when the class would end? Were you passing notes, nodding off, wishing you were somewhere else? Did you learn anything? Did you really care about such stuff at that age?

    Take comfort: you’re in good company. Although grammar is the foundation of all writing and speaking, too many of us weren’t paying attention when we were being taught the rules. How could we have known we’d need that stuff when we grew up? And even if we were paying attention, we probably have forgotten most of what we were taught. We’re totally confused about commas, semicolons, and colons. And apostrophes? Do you really know how to use them in possessives or contractions?

    I will give you certainty. I will give you security. I will give you the American grammar information you need to succeed.

    “Brush Up on Your American Grammar Skills” incorporates punctuation and usage guidelines into a fast-paced half day of grammar information aimed at you, the adult business professional. It incorporates the most useful and necessary information that you need to succeed. No fluff. Just the right stuff.

    "Brush Up on Your Business Writing Skills"
    How much time do you and your staff spend creating letters, memos, reports, or e-mails? Do you write as you were taught in school, perhaps pursuing elegance at the expense of readability and comprehension? Do you write and rewrite, and still end up with documents that don’t work as you intended?

    “Brush Up on Your Business Writing Skills” will give you the information you need to succeed in just three hours! This workshop covers the essentials of business writing whose only goal is clarity. If your documents are seen as “clear as mud,” this workshop is for you! No fluff. Just the right stuff.

    "Brush Up on Your Interpersonal Communication Skills"
    Is your organization dealing with hurt feelings, misunderstandings, or negativity? It might be because people aren’t communicating effectively. Most of us don’t know how to use language to gain a specific result, and we definitely don’t know how to listen.

    We don’t always understand someone else’s body language or how to decode mixed messages. We’re wrapped up in our own little worlds; we’re often confused and angered by others’ unexpected responses to what we’ve said or written. We blame them; they blame us. Frustration and tension can grow.

    It doesn’t have to be that way!

    My “Brush Up on Your Communication Skills” program, which is a fast-paced three-hour workshop aimed at busy business professionals, can help. The tips and techniques shown in this workshop can be used in any type of situation, from work to family. And learning something as simple as changing negative language to positive can have a huge impact on relationships and responses. All this in just three hours!

    "Introduction to DiSC®" Workshop
    DiSC® has been used by mainstream businesses for over 70 years to help individuals understand their own behaviors and those of others.

    DiSC® is a personal assessment tool used to improve work productivity, teamwork, and communication. It's non-judgmental and provides a common lanaguage that helps people discuss their behavioral differences without making anyone feel wronged. It provides a framework for self-reflection and allows each person to see others more clearly as well.

    If your company is looking for an interesting, fun, and proven way to smooth out working relationships, this is a tool to consider.

  • Proofreading

    Proofreading is the last read-through to make sure every change was implemented as expected. Are any punctuation marks doubled up or left out? Is the spacing consistent and correct? Are the headers all the same size and font? Are the page numbers sequential? Are like items handled consistently?

    As an American, I obviously use the American style for all of this. I can, however, help those from other countries who want to know this particular style, or at least want to know how they could make their documents look more professional.


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