• Fleet Manger

    at IMECO

    October 2013 - at Present

    Abū Z̧aby

     In charge of logistics work and operation for all company projects in western area.  Controlling the Company Mechanical workshop at Ruwais  Following up and coordinate all vehicles breakdown and reoperation works.  Equipments, vehicles spare parts request.  Following up all the company vehicles & equipment registration cards and all the works needed for renewal.  In charge of public relation work for all western area (Ruwais, Ghayathi, Tariff and Beda Zayed).  Following up all traffic fines, accidents with police in Tarif, Ruwais, Ghayathi and Beda Zayed.  In charge of hiring company vehicles, equipment to other developers.  In charge of all the general services needed with the third party’s.  Supply and controlling of diesel for all IMECO’S Projects in Ruwais, Mirfa, Abu Hassa and Tarif.  In charge of workshop and attendance.

  • Site Coordinator

    at IMECO

    September 2010 - October 2013

    Abū Z̧aby

     Inter refineries pipe line (TAKREER)  Upgrading of fire detection and foam suppression system (TAKREER)  Refurbishment of JETY control room/GASCO/Ruwis  Piping works for new laboratory TR/Borouge  Relocation of caravan sheds /GASCO  ELIXIER air separation plant/GASCO  Procurement and construction works of OSBL package-A of ASU/Ruwais/ELIXIER/GASCO  HEXENE-1 project for PE2/BOROUGE  Temporary facilities for company and contractor/BOROUGE  Replacement of old RTR pipe line between GUP and Ruwais Refinery(TAKREER)  BOROUGE 2 utilities off sites and external interconnection/TR.

  • marketing coordinator

    at AROPE insurance company

    August 2008 - September 2010

    Hama Governorate

  • salesperson

    at Jaidah group

    March 2010 - August 2010

    Al Wakrah



    at nt'l Mechanical and Electrical Co. (IMECO)

    2019 - at Present (1 year) Abū Z̧aby

  • safe-journey Management

    at Safe World Specialist

    2015 - at Present (5 years) Abū Z̧aby

  • Bachelor degree of Business Management (finance and investment)


    2003 - 2008 (5 years) Latakia Governorate


  • Arabic Native