• Global CAD Data Manager

    at Varroc Lifghting Systems

    September 2018 - at Present

    Moravskoslezský kraj

    Responsibilities: • Provide continuous improvement processes for design documentation management • Develop CAD standards • Maximize GD&T benefits across organization • provide CATIA methodology • Automatize Design process • Design and implement process for design validation • Improve design process

  • Business Unit Manager – plus additional function of Analytical team Manager (by end of 2017)

    at UTC Aerospace Systems

    January 2017 - August 2018

    Województwo Dolnośląskie

    Responsibilities: • Develop business with research arm of UTC. • Ensure engineering support for local legacy business • Ensure growth of absorption of EU founds • Provide cooperation with universities • Manage corporate processes for product safety. • Manage analytical team. Provide right resources and development of people. Own and improve processes for the team. Achievements: • grow legacy business by 30% • make connection with UTRC and define plans for business development • define EU founds process • 1 EU grant won • Corporate safety issues management process implemented

  • Mechanical Design Manager.

    at UTC Aerospace Systems

    October 2012 - December 2016

    Województwo Dolnośląskie

    Responsibilities: • Create and manage process driven 45 individuals team. • Grow the team to ~80. • Ensure project to be delivered on time, on cost and on quality. • Execute robust and fact based design. • Create, measure and improve design processes. • Promote lean organization and continuous improvement culture. • Cover customer needs by team development. • Define and execute budget • Define organization strategy and tactic. • Create and ensure compliance of organization with quality system and export control. Achievements: • Create from scratch corporate compliant design process • Implementation from scratch corporate continuous improvement process • Create innovation culture in organization • Building successful design team (over 40 people) • Develop 4 1st line manages • Deliver numerous designs • deliver production support locally and remotely • Implementation of numerous engineering changes. • Solve Potential Safety Issue. • Create QMS and pass AS 9100 audit

  • Senior Engineer, Simulation Base Design Mentor, Design Engineer

    at Whirlpool Corp. - home appliance

    June 2006 - September 2012

    Województwo Dolnośląskie

    Senior Engineer, Simulation Base Design Mentor. On this position in addition to design work I was responsible for communication between Regional Tech Center in Wroclaw and Simulation Center in India. This position required deep knowledge about product and FEM. My responsibility was also to improve a simulation method in adjustment of specific needs. position: Design Engineer at hydraulic module in Whirlpool Wrocław Tech Center. I was working in all design process from ideas through CAD modeling, tolerance analysis, FMEA, prototyping, tests planing and so on up to implementation. I did design of hydraulic part of dishwoaschers. I also did engineering changes and approved process after EC.

  • R&D manager, continous improvement manager, change manager, senior engineer

    at Johnsons Controls (Keiper Gmbh) – Automotive

    October 2008 - February 2012

    Województwo Dolnośląskie

    Responsibilities: • Redesign products for cost and/or quality improvement • Lead quality issue solving • Manage interdisciplinary team to new product introduction. • Manage interdisciplinary team to define and introduce engineering changes • Implementation engineering change process • Implementation continuous improvement system. Manage continuous improvement projects. • Define and execute budget • Support organization strategy and tactic. Achievements: • Implementation of new platform of car seat into production • Implementation from scratch engineering change process. • Implementation of numerous changes into production • Implementation from scratch corporate Continuous Improvement process • Solve numerous quality issues.

  • Assistant

    at Technical University of Wrocław

    October 1998 - February 2003

    Województwo Dolnośląskie

    During a Ph.D. studies I executed contract with different companies worked in a different areas of production. I performed simulation and design of different objects like: belt conveyors, buses (including Crash-Tests), bus seats, mining and building machines, safety cages for underground mining machines (Crash-Tests), buckets for bucked ladder excavators, simulation of impact of armor protection by bullet and so on. I’ve done static, dynamic and impact analysis; linear and nonlinear also some small fatigue analysis. I’ve also did five projects founded by Committee of Research. As a output of my work (beside customer satisfaction) 42 publications were published (full list available at web site of library of Technical University of Wroclaw). In my work I’ve used systems like Pamcrasch, Hypermesh, Pro/Engineer, SDRC I-DEAS, Patran&Nastran, Cosmos/M, Catia. I’m proficient in operations systems from Windows family, MSOffice and a few graphics multimedia tools.


  • Subject of dissertation: Possibilities of power transfer from lower to upper belt by the idlers.

    at Technical University of Wrocław

    1998 - 2003 (5 years) Województwo Dolnośląskie

  • Major in Mechanics and Machines Building; specialization structural design; masters studies. Subject of graduate work: Project of carrier structure of second generation of lowfloor bus.

    at Technical University of Wrocław

    1992 - 1998 (6 years) Województwo Dolnośląskie


  • English Negotiation

  • Polish Native