• 🔗 LinkedIn Trainer | LinkedIn Profile Writer | LinkedIn Coach | LinkedIn Consultant

    at 2trainers

    January 2010 - at Present


  • ✈ Expatriation coach

    at Net Expat

    March 2009 - at Present


  • 👔 Founding Director & Executive Coach

    at 2trainers

    February 2002 - at Present


  • 💡 Business Mentor

    at Tallinn Business Incubators

    November 2015 - December 2017



  • MA in Philosophy

    at Moscow State University

    1988 - 1994 (6 years) Moskva

Services offered

  • Training & Development

    Expertise areas:

    ☛ Public performing & visual storytelling skills
    ☛ Cultural intelligence & cross-cultural adaptation
    ☛ Personal branding and SME marketing
    ☛ Management and leadership skills for people advancing their careers
    ☛ Social marketing and selling made easy

  • Executive Coaching

    ☛ Self-awareness: clarity about objectives and motives, values and personality traits; compassion, relationship competencies, and persuasion skills

    ☛ CEO leadership: fine-tuning the understanding and astuteness about others, their emotional and strategic personal drivers, their self-interest, overt and covert

    ☛ High-power taming: empathy and emotional intelligence capacities, maturity of mind

    ☛ Quick fixes: communication skills and conflict management

  • Cross-cultural Training and Coaching for Expats and their Partners

    NetExpat core services:

    ☛ Scientifically validated web-based expat assessment tool ExpAdviser© helps employers, future expats and their families anticipate potential issues linked to the expatriation challenges. It assesses a subject’s “expatriability” to a specific location. Results are validated with the respondent during a conversation with a certified expert

    ☛ A concise and convenient intercultural training program, combined with a hands-on personal coaching program upon arrival in the host country

    ☛ The expat faces a diverse set of challenges linked to a new job, business environment, and the impact of the move on the family. Expat coaching targets mobile employees in the broadest sense, empowering expats in three types of programs: pre-expatriation, upon arrival, and repatriation support

    ☛ Whether the accompanying expat partner wishes to study, work, take care of their family or have some time off, our programs will ensure he/she makes the best of it

  • LinkedIn Profile Writing and Coaching

    I help you to:

    ☛ Write a compelling LinkedIn profile, attracting the interest of people in search of a professional like you
    ☛ Set up and promote your personal brand
    ☛ Make it easy for attracted people to contact you
    ☛ Coach you how to keep your personal brand going on your own
    ☛ Train your team to fast-track LinkedIn marketing
    ☛ Fight the Personal eMarketing discomfort, often referred as ‘social media phobia, or LinkedIn trepidation’
    ☛ Match up your LinkedIn profile with your internet representation and publicly available social portrait
    ☛ Edit your profile, company page, and blog posts to native level English
    ☛ Share with you the DIY materials


  • English Negotiation

  • Russian Native

  • Finnish Conversation

  • Estonian Native

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