• Senior Area Supervisor

    at Enviroserv Gauteng

    January 2018 - September 2018


    As Senior Area Supervisor I was responsible for overseeing 40 accounts with 2 junior area supervisors, 28 team leaders and 185 sorters under me. my overall responsibilities were Daily Management of On-Site operations, Contract Management, HR, Manage Recycler Collections, Customer Focus, SHEQ Compliance including internal and external audits, Equipment and Assets management through execution of best practices in on site waste management for Enviroserv within the Inland Region, ensuring operational excellence and compliance, developing new and existing growth for clients, and finding new solutions and improving the current systems. I was also responsible for all management functions inherent with the position and ensuring that Enviroserv complies with all legislation, company policies and procedures, minimum and permit as well as Client requirements.

  • Contract Manager

    at Waste Plan Gauteng

    September 2016 - December 2017


    My core duties were to ensure Productive and Efficient running of 18 sites and 74 personnel in a Healthy, Safe and Environmental friendly manner while maximising recycling extraction and profits. Compile weekly and Monthly Operational and Financial Reports for Management and Clients. Act as contact person between Clients, Head Office and Operations Manager to ensure client satisfaction and business productivity. It is also my responsibilities to ensure all administrative Responsibilities, Policies and Procedures are implemented.

  • Waste Site Manager

    at Smartmatta

    October 2015 - July 2016


    My main duties were to manage the two projects on site while reporting to my manager. As a manager I was responsible for motivating and coaching on Health and Safety Procedures and our own company policies; disciplining and sharing information with my team of 9 staff where in a regular basis I also joined my staff on performing all daily tasks as my approach to continuous team building, monitoring, researching and developing ways to improve efficiency and effectiveness of overall operations; Ensure all operations are on time and on point every day.

  • Head of Environmental Sustainability

    at Zondi Waste Management Cooperative

    April 2015 - September 2015


    My main duties were developing and implementing cost reducing alternatives and proposals for new potential projects or customers; improve overall practices and adjusting them to a more Environmentally, Healthy and safety orientated practice; Setting organizational sustainability targets, and developing plans to meet those targets and oversee their delivery; Developing and implementing environmental strategies and action plans that ensure corporate sustainable development and Coordinating all aspects of pollution control, waste management, recycling and environmental health and Safety.

  • Ramurendi Projects and Trading

    at 5.Environment Health and Safety Officer

    July 2014 - March 2015


    My responsibilities under this position was identifying environmental impacts and aspects relating to the day-to-day activities; Prepare and conduct environmental awareness training and presentation; Communicate changes in Environmental legislation to Management; Investigate and report environmental incidents and ensure close out; Providing environmental guidance and assistance; Conducting environmental impact and/or risk assessments; Preparation of environmental management plans, programs and strategies; Carrying out Environmental Impact Assessments; Facilitate the Application and Environmental Authorization process; Conducting environmental auditing; Reviewing documentation, reports and audits; and Land Rehabilitation and Restoration.


  • SAMTRAC general industry

    at NOSA

    2019 - 2019 (1 year) Gauteng

  • Hazard identification and risk management

    at NOSA

    2019 - 2019 (1 year) Gauteng

  • Incident Investigation level 3

    at NOSA

    2019 - 2019 (1 year) Gauteng

  • Legal Liability

    at Isipho sempilo

    2018 - 2018 (1 year) Gauteng

  • First aid level 1

    at Training force

    2017 - 2017 (1 year) Gauteng

  • Supervise Health and Safety in Construction certificate (NQF4)

    at Excellence Safety Training

    2014 - 2014 (1 year) Gauteng

  • Carbon Footprint Masterclass certificate

    at GCX Africa

    2014 - 2014 (1 year) Gauteng

  • Carbon Credit Masterclass Certificate

    at GCS Africa

    2014 - 2014 (1 year) Gauteng

  • Construction Road Works certificate (NQF1)

    at Masana Social Training and Development

    2014 - 2014 (1 year) Gauteng

  • Motivational Speaking, Public Speaking and Public speaking Certificate

    at Themba Maseko Skills Training, Skills and Development

    2014 - 2014 (1 year) Gauteng

  • Bachelor of Environmental Management(honours)

    at Unveristy of Venda

    2007 - 2013 (6 years) Limpopo

  • Practical Course in Remote Sensing, Land Degradation and Conservation certificate

    at  Lapalala Wilderness School

    2010 - 2010 (1 year) Limpopo


  • English Negotiation

  • Venda Native

  • Tswana Native

  • Zulu Negotiation

  • Southern sotho Negotiation

  • Tsonga Conversation