I'm an experienced full-stack web developer. I help software companies bring their ideas to life, fast and reliably.

I'm a perfect match for startups because I'm well rounded in most areas of web development, and I can build and grow solid teams.


  • CTO Web Department

    at SamianSoft Asia

    January 2019 - at Present

    Ostān-e Khorāsān-e Raẕavī

    My role is still 70% hands-on keyboard Manage 6 developers in 2 teams Use ReactJs to develop dynamic web applications Meet with customers to analyze their needs and how they translate into software

  • Freelance Web Developer / Developerium

    at Kardan

    September 2018 - at Present

    Ostān-e Khorāsān-e Raẕavī

    Uncovered customers actual need by asking questions Build a complete uber-like application for house maintenance with Node.js, React, and Redux and served Behind Nginx proxy using Docker-compose

  • Senior Fullstack Developer

    at PTC Holding

    January 2016 - January 2019

    Ostān-e Khorāsān-e Raẕavī

    Administered the health of a project (Code Owner) and code quality Release-manager leveraging git-flow Reviewed colleague's code before merging into the master branch Interviewed new hire prospects to measure their technical skills Refactored application components to implement the microservice architecture

  • Freelance Consultant

    at Spad

    March 2016 - May 2017

    Ostān-e Khorāsān-e Raẕavī

    Consulting about web technologies and their future developments Inspecting and optimizing database queries Technical interview their recruiting candidates

  • Web Developer

    at PTC Holding

    July 2012 - January 2016

    Ostān-e Khorāsān-e Raẕavī

    Use Test-Driven Development to develop API endpoints Refactored legacy PHP application to be maintainable Occasionally did pair-programming with teammates Wrote optimized MySql report queries


  • Bachelor's in Computer Science

    at Azad University

    2006 - 2012 (6 years) Ostān-e Khorāsān-e Raẕavī

Services offered

  • Fullstack development

    I'm comfortable in both backend and frontend.

  • Frontend development

    I like to use React for frontend development. I'm skilled in React, Redux, Saga, Es6, CSS, and HTML.

  • Backend development

    I'm highly skilled in PHP and Node.js.

Knowledge and keywords


  • English Negotiation

  • Persian Native

  • Hindi Conversation

  • German Elementary