• System architect

    at Magnat Finance llc

    September 2017 - November 2018

    Kyiv Oblast

    - overseeing the development and implementation of a CRM system for a financial company - implementing front-office and back-office UI, as well as Python-Flask powered backend - normalizing company's database architecture, and reducing number of tables from 126 to 30 preserving all existing data - migration from Oracle database to MariaDB - reducing usage of computing power by 20 times, across all business operations - reducing in half technical support staff by implementing more intuitive UI - eliminating regular denial of service situations by developing fault tolerant and scalable network architecture - implementation of Galera cluster and WSGI - over 1000 employees are using this system in real time - solution was sold to 6 other financial companies in Ukraine as SaaS solution - solution is used in 3 out of 4 currency exchange locations across Ukraine


  • Ukrainian Native

  • Russian Native

  • English Native

  • Italian Negotiation

  • Chinese Conversation

  • Japanese Conversation