I am an open-minded entrepreneur & a researcher, who recently became a business woman. With ManageMagazine I work to facilitate outstanding leaders and managers, so they in turn can create inspirational work places with happy individuals. We connect reader-friendly research with practitioners.


  • Founder and CEO

    at ManageMagazine

    September 2016 - at Present

    Region Midtjylland

    ManageMagazine is your community for expert knowledge, advice and education about HOW TO MANAGE. Our vision is to create healthy organizations full of inspired employees, leaders, managers and owners. We will do this by connecting research and practice, by sharing valuable knowledge straight from experts and by connecting people across industries, sectors and professions. At a time where the amount of knowledge 'out there' can be daunting, we will funnel, filter and distill valuable insights and present them in a reader-friendly format that is suited your busy schedule. I hope you will join us at ManageMagazine.com and be part of our community. The team and I will work tirelessly to make your organization and your work life successful, so you can live out the fullest expression of yourself. Join us at ManageMagazine.com

  • Honorary Research Associate

    at University of Technology Sydney

    March 2013 - at Present

    State of New South Wales


  • PhD in Organisation Studies and Innovation Management

    at Copenhagen Business School

    2007 - 2011 (4 years) Region Sjælland

  • Master of Science in Sociology

    at The University of Copenhagen

    2002 - 2005 (3 years) Region Sjælland

  • Bachelor of Science in Sociology

    at The University of Aalborg

    1998 - 2001 (3 years) North Denmark Region

  • Diploma in General Arts and Science

    at Centennial College

    1990 - 1992 (2 years) Ontario

Services offered

  • We publish ACTIONABLE high quality knowledge STRAIGHT from experts

    ManageMagazine publishes only high quality knowledge STRAIGHT from experts. We do this to help our readers navigate in the daunting masses of information 'out there' and to help our readers be the best expression of themselves. By providing actionable high quality knowledge in a reader friendly format - knowledge that otherwise is extremely hard to come by - we give professionals with a busy schedule a chance to perform their best.

    Some of the worlds greatest scholars have published in ManageMagazine. Yet, make no mistake about it - experts come from all places. We have writers from small business with years of experience, who have done an amazing job sharing their knowledge.

    If you are an expert yourself and would like to contribute to our knowledge sharing community please contact me at vibeke@managemagazine.com


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