• Contact Center Director

    at Caja de Seguro Social

    May 2017 - October 2019

    Provincia de Panamá

    • Contact Center Director at Caja de Seguro Social. • Responsible to lead 330 associates. 5 Departments and 14 coordinators. • Responsible to manage and execute a $6 Million Budget annually. • Responsible to Lead Contact Center Team and deliver quality services for more than 2 million Contact Center users. • Responsible to Execute the Annual Executive Strategic and Operational Plans, focusing to achieve the organization duties and goals to deliver quality and efficient services and perform periodic evaluations to determine trends and perform adjustments as needed to achieve organizational objectives. • Responsible to plan, program, organize, lead and control the activities that take place in the departments. • Responsible to work and coordinate the associate’s career development and keep an excellent work environment.

  • Customer Support Manager

    at ClickBit Services

    August 2015 - May 2017

    Provincia de Panamá

    • Analyzed supports boundaries and designed and implemented the Security Policies and Procedures that fit the business. • Study support issues, analyze application interface behavior and deliver analysis information to Application Developing Team to improve User Application interface. • Train junior team members as needed. • Provide data analysis information to Company Executives and Board of Directors to keep them informed of new issues and how they were corrected. • Work with Data development, Web development and Server Support Team on new development projects. • Other duties as assigned.

  • Client Tech Supt Sr. Analyst

    at Dell Panama

    October 2009 - April 2015

    Provincia de Panamá

    • Ensure all service level agreements for the software application support team daily by stepping in to assist members of the team when necessary as well as proactively searching out issues and resolving before any business disruption. • Study root cause analysis provided by team members and design permanent fixes for issues • Delegate tasks to junior members of the team as needed. • Provide data analysis for business issues or customer issues that occur to Client Specialist team. • Mentor and train Software Support programmers on day-to-day business issues, technical problems, and team protocols. • Other duties as assigned.

  • Training Supervisor / Application Specialist

    at dChain.

    February 2009 - August 2009

    Provincia de Panamá

    • Training Supervisor for the e-Government business unit. In charge of the training projects, responsible for the end-users, IT departments and client future trainers and support call center agents training. • Application Specialist for the e-Government business unit. In charge of providing 2nd level support and 3rd level support to the application. • Responsible for the creation, update, and translation of the training material used by the end-users, IT departments and Administrators of the systems.

  • Technical Support Escalations Specialist

    at NARS Panama

    April 2008 - January 2009

    Provincia de Panamá

    • Technical Support agent on the phone and escalations specialist. • Provided training to new hires on company policies and procedures. • Analyzed technical support call trends to improve escalation procedures and manufacturer response time on business-related issues.

  • Resolution Specialist I

    at Dell Panama

    December 2003 - January 2008

    Provincia de Panamá

    •Managed 3 Teams through the transition from Technical Support agents to Technical Sales agents, improving the resolution metrics and customer service experience. •Analyzed Technical Sales trends and recommend training needs and the areas of opportunities to the management group to reach the conversion rate goal (4%). •Delivered training to the entire technical support business unit reps (200 reps) in the use of tools and software required by the Corporate governance for the transition to tech sales. •Delivered training to the technical support department on sales department policies and procedures required by the Corporate Governance for the transition. •Monitored quality of service and Metrics behavior to maintain the excellence of service without compromising the Customer Experience. •Performed traces (aux usage and call flow) weekly to 10+ agents to find trends and behavioral patterns. Feedback and coaching are delivered to the team-lead to follow up with recommended actions.


  • Neuro-Leadership Diploma

    at University of Barcelona

    2018 - at Present (2 years) Provincia de Panamá


  • Spanish Native