I am a keen Telecommunications Engineer, passionate about all aspects of such technologies and interested in uniting alike people in this domain, as well as being an inventor who loves merging many areas of science in order to create new frontiers and industries.


  • Service Analyst

    at Nokia

    January 2016 - at Present

    Judeţul Timiş

    Analysis of effective real-time operation for celular networks with "Telefonica Deutschland".

  • Service Analyst

    at Alcatel-Lucent

    December 2015 - February 2016

    Judeţul Timiş

    Analysis of effective real-time operation for celular networks with "Telefonica Deutschland".

  • LTE OAM Software Development Engineer

    at Alcatel-Lucent

    September 2014 - November 2015

    Judeţul Timiş

    R&D Software Research for LTE Networks

  • Transmission Engineer

    at Alcatel-Lucent

    November 2013 - August 2014

    Judeţul Timiş

    Technical Support and Fulfillment Engineering Center

  • Electronics Engineering Technician

    at Flextronics International

    July 2008 - August 2008

    Judeţul Timiş


  • Introduction to 9i SQL Certification

    at "William Shakespeare" High-School

    2006 - at Present (14 years) Judeţul Timiş

  • Certificate in Advanced English

    at Cambridge University

    2006 - at Present (14 years) Judeţul Timiş

  • Master of Science - Advanced Electronics in Intelligent Systems

    at UPT

    2012 - 2014 (2 years) Judeţul Timiş

  • Bachelor's Degree - Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering

    at UPT

    2007 - 2011 (4 years) Judeţul Timiş

Services offered

  • Electronic Circuit Design

    During my free time I enjoy creating and simulating all sorts of analog and digital circuits as well as building the PCB Layouts for these.

  • Patent Creation

    I am a technical creation powerhouse, who loves to invent the next big thing in any domain possible. My current focus revolves around telecommunication systems, as I currently hold a patent-pending application, entitled "Digital Telecommunication System in the X-Ray Range". It is capable of transmitting the internet at trillions of times faster than today's best internet connection.

  • Software Development

    One of the services I have to offer is design and development of software code written in various languages, which include C/C++, Java, Python, VHDL and Matlab.

  • Telecommunications consulting

    With over 3 years of active telecom experience, one of my services includes leading industry consulting, especially in mobile communication systems.


  • German Conversation

  • French Elementary

  • English Negotiation

  • Romanian Native

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