A trainer. A school leader. Business and Economics teacher. Determined to make a positive difference in the lives of students, Examiner with the Cambridge International Examinations board. A football fan from the red half of Manchester. Educational Researcher. World Traveller.


  • Lead Facilitator

    at Brunei Darussalam Teacher Academy

    January 2019 - at Present

    Brunei and Muara District

    I develop and facilitate professional development courses called 'Developing a more powerful way of teaching Economics / Commerce / Business Studies' for secondary school teachers. Each course focuses on an object of learning and runs for about eight sessions, with each participant having the opportunity to experience up to two action research lesson study cycles. I use a theory of learning to inform the design of this professional development (PD) course.

  • Principal

    at Sayyidina Othman Secondary School

    November 2017 - November 2018

    Tutong District

    I led a team of about 80 teachers and 19 non-teaching staff. The school had about 600 students, with about one third on welfare. In one year we reversed the underachievement, attaining an increase in the percentage of students achieving five good grades in the October/November 2018 O-level examination.

  • Education Officer

    at Pusat Tingkatan Enam Tutong

    January 2012 - November 2017

    Tutong District

    The sixth form section moved to this new school in January 2012. I continued teaching Economics A-level up to 2015. In 2016, I introduced Business A-level. It is a more practical subject in my view and many students can relate to the ideas and concepts. Economics is more theoretical and abstract. However, both subjects are interesting in their own ways. In addition to teaching, I co-run the Entrepreneurship Club. My Business students were the inaugural champions of the Junior Achievement programme. They represented Brunei in the Asia-Pacific Junior Achievement competition. I continued to mentor to beginning teachers in this school.

  • Education Officer

    at Sekolah Menengah Sayyidina Othman

    January 2007 - December 2011

    Tutong District

    I taught two classes of Economics A-level here. It was a good experience learning from the students. My research also continued in this school. I also worked with Accounting teachers designing lessons on depreciation and cash budgets. Both studies were reported in journals and book chapters. In addition to my teaching, I supervised a few Master of Teaching candidates. My Business Club students showed a lot of creativity in raising money with little effort. What they did was to screen a movie, charge a small price and sell snacks while the show was on. It was so popular that seats were filled easily.

  • Teacher / Principal

    at St Michael's School

    April 1998 - December 2006

    Belait District

    I went back to my alma mater after my studies and working stint in Singapore. It was the only school I wanted to go back to. Here I taught English and Economics up to O-levels. For two years we also had A-levels where I taught Economics. As the school principal, I was concerned about student underachievement. I took up research study part time to investigate how student learning could be improved. I read about Lesson Study (Stigler and Hiebert, 1999), a poweful book in my view about how the opportunities for teacher learning could be increased through a sustained, collaborative professional development of teachers focusing on lessons and student learning. The insights I gained from my involvement in Lesson Study and working with the teachers are valuable. My PhD was entitled '"Enabling Teachers to Teach Better: A Practice-based Teacher Professional Development Strategy to raise achievement in schools in Brunei Darussalam'. This research changes the way I see teaching and learning.

  • Education Officer

    at Hwa Chong Junior College

    June 1995 - March 1998


    My first posting was in this top 5 junior college. It came as a shock to me that all the students who studied here achieved excellent results in their O-levels. I taught Economics A-level and S-level. The latter is a more demanding curriculum which prepared students for entrance to Oxford and Cambridge universities. I was involved in the Choir Club and the fund raising committee.


  • Leaders of Learning

    at Harvard University Graduate School of Education

    2014 - 2014 (1 year)

  • Behavioural Economics

    at University of Toronto

    2013 - 2013 (1 year)

  • PhD in Education

    at Universiti Brunei Darussalam

    2004 - 2011 (7 years) Brunei and Muara District

  • Certificate in the Teaching of English as a Foreign Language

    at CfBT

    2003 - 2003 (1 year) Brunei and Muara District

  • Master of Education in Educational Management

    at University of Sheffield, UK

    1997 - 2002 (5 years)

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Education

    at Nanyang Technological University

    1994 - 1995 (1 year) Singapore

  • Bachelor of Social Sciences in Economics

    at National University of Singapore

    1990 - 1994 (4 years) Singapore

Services offered

  • Teaching O and A-level Economics

    With 20 years of experience in teaching school-level Economics I am proud to say that my best students have achieved As and A* in this subject.
    It is not an easy subject by any means. It is theoretical and the ideas can be quite abstract (example, the incidence of taxation). However, it is an important subject because it gives the students a peek into the discipline and an understanding of what governments talk about - micro and macroeconomic problems and how governments or the markers can solve these problems.
    Studying for this subject under me means that you will be given case studies to analyse and discuss. You will be expected to engage with your classmates, providing views and contributing actively to the class discussion. You will be required to write a journal where you will share your experience of learning the particular content that you are being taught.
    There is as usual essay and data response tests written under exam condition to prepare you for the real thing.
    I normally use multiple choice questions to gauge student understanding during the teaching itself.

  • Mentoring beginning teachers

    Since 2009 I have mentored more than 10 Master of Teaching candidates studying for their Master of Teaching degree at the Universiti Brunei Darussalam Graduate School of Education. Mentoring entails working actively with the candidates in designing, observing and evaluating lessons. Lessons are research-based and research-informed. We use a theory of learning called the variation theory of learning to inform the design of lessons. I also write a detailed evaluative report of the candidates' performances at the end of their attachment in the school. Recently, I have asked the candidates to prepare for a short presentation of their experience to be shared with all teaching staff during the school's Teacher Forum. This gives their work greater exposure and provides some experience in presenting work that is of interest to other teachers.

  • Teaching A level Business

    I'm teaching the Cambridge syllabus 9609. I use case studies, class discussions and real life projects to get students excited about Business.


  • English Native

  • Malay Negotiation

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