Systems analysis represents a key leitmotiv of my R&D action. Time and again I applied my ability to algorithms, codes, systems, and organizations. My "tools" include complex systems modeling, combinatorics, multi-agent simulation, fault-tolerance, parallel/distributed computing & machine learning


  • Senior Solution Building Engineer

    at Sopra Steria

    October 2018 - at Present


  • Geo-ICT engineer

    at VITO (Vlaamse Instelling voor Technologisch Onderzoek)

    August 2016 - at Present


    I designed, developed, and fine-tuned software for the synthesis and the definition of time series of a number of bio-geophysical products on the status and evolution of land surface at global scale at mid and low spatial resolution, as well as for the cloud and cloud shadow segmentation of satellite imagery. I used Python/Numpy, C++, Bash, and Matlab.

  • Researcher

    at Vrije Universiteit Brussel / Global Brain Institute - Evolution, Complexity and COgnition group

    January 2016 - at Present


    Resilience and organization in socio-technical systems.

  • Post-doctoral researcher

    at University of Antwerp

    September 2004 - April 2016


    Research; teaching; director of studies and supervisor for 3 Ph.D. students and many M.Sc. students; local responsible for European and national projects; software designer and developer. Key words: adaptability; resilience; socio-technical organizations; antifragility; complex systems modeling; artificial intelligence; machine learning.

  • Part-time professor (2001-2003); post-doctoral researcher (2000-2004); researcher (1996-2000)

    at Katholieke Universiteit Leuven

    September 1996 - August 2004


    Research; teaching; director of studies and supervisor of several M.Sc. students; responsible for the design of the software systems used in three European projects. Key words: distributed algorithms; fault-tolerance; adaptability; computer architectures; modeling and simulation of complex systems.

  • Researcher. In leave of absence between 9/1996 and 9/1999.

    at Tecnopolis CSATA / SASIAM

    July 1990 - September 1999


    Research, tutoring, software design and development. Official responsible of the design, experimentation, and verification of parallel computing approaches for artificial vision and advanced image processing applications ("progettazione, sperimentazione e verifica di metodiche di calcolo parallelo per applicazioni di visione artificiale ed elaborazione avanzata di immagini". Member of SASIAM (ECMI School for Advanced Studies in Industrial and Applied Mathematics) Key words: Parallel computing (PVM, MPI, LINDA); modeling of complex systems.

  • Software engineer

    at DPT'80

    October 1987 - June 1988


    Responsible for the design of several components of a hypervisor.


  • Doctor in applied sciences

    at Katholieke Universiteit Leuven

    1996 - 2000 (4 years) Flanders

  • Dottore in scienze dell'informazione

    at Università degli studi di Bari

    1983 - 1987 (4 years) Puglia

Services offered

  • Research and education

    ▪ Ability to engage in advanced research and maintain an outstanding track record of published research at a level of international excellence.
    ▪ Ability to engage actively and regularly in the pursuit of research funding.
    ▪ Ability to seek involvement in international research activities, such as conference program
    committees and editorial work for academic journals.
    ▪ Ability to teach undergraduate and MSc modules in computer science; to supervise Masters and PhD research projects and mentor undergraduate students in computer science and engineering; to formulate research project proposals.
    ▪ Ability to make a significant contribution to the teaching, examining and project supervision of undergraduate and MSc students in computer science and engineering.
    ▪ Ability to develop research objectives, projects and proposals; conduct individual or collaborative research projects; identify sources of funding and contribute to the process of securing funds; write or contribute to publications or disseminate research findings using other appropriate media; make presentations at conferences or exhibit work in other appropriate events.
    ▪ Commitment to excellence in teaching and research.
    ▪ Ability to foster collaborations with industry with a goal of developing funded collaborative research.
    ▪ Excellent written and oral communications skills in English; excellent interpersonal skills.
    ▪ Know-how and experience in systems analysis; complex systems modeling; mathematical models (combinatorial, algebraic,...); performance analysis; discrete-event simulation; multi-agent simulation; machine learning; dynamic systems; dependability; fault-tolerance; software engineering; parallel/distributed computing; computer architecture; compilers.

  • Software design

    Command of computer science abilities, including design and development of complex software systems:
    ▪ Expert C language programmer (Linux/Windows): inter-process communication, threading, message passing libraries, etc.
    ▪ C++ programmer.
    ▪ BASH script author.
    ▪ GNU Build System user
    ▪ Significant experience with GNU Flex / Gnu Bison
    ▪ Experience with Python, Go, TCL/TK, PL/I.
    ▪ Assembly language programmer: MOS Technology 6502, Intel processors, TI MSP430.


  • English Negotiation

  • Italian Native

  • Dutch Elementary

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