• Master Thesis student

    at DAF Trucks NV

    November 2018 - at Present

    Provincie Noord-Brabant

    •Crankcase turbulence: To perform detailed literature review and to quantify pressure fluctuations within the crankcase by modelling piston motion with overset meshing, •Oil jet breakup: To perform extensive literature study and create robust CFD model with LES and VOF techniques. Validate the model and study jet disintegration, •For cooling: Quantify oil flow rate efficiency for gallery cooling, and Quantify droplet size distribution for spray cooling •Study effect of grid resolution on LES quality and droplet sizes. •Study the effect of crankcase turbulence on jet breakup. My interactions with StarCCM+ support led to lot of knowledgeable discussions which were key in making me an expert of the commercial CFD package. My commitment and suggestions from my supervisors are aiding me in completing the work well within the schedule and with good quality. During this work, I recognized my fast learning abilities have peaked, as I am thriving in a new and challenging topic.

  • Research Intern

    at DAF Trucks NV

    July 2018 - November 2018

    Provincie Noord-Brabant

    •In-cylinder swirl: Performed literature review and validation using simplified CFD model with URANS, •Effect of swirl port: Designed simple low and high swirl ports based on parametric and knowledge-based studies and evaluated their performance by determining swirl ratio and evolution of flow structures during the first half of engine cycle. •Mimicked diesel injection with high pressure water jets and predicted increase of turbulence during this process. During my thesis period at DAF, I have (and I am) participated in several presentations within the company, both as a presenter and as part of the audience. Through these presentations, I learnt about the dos and don’ts for a company presentation and improved my explanation skills catering to the technical knowledge of the audience.


  • MSc in Aerodynamics

    at Delft University of Technology

    2017 - at Present (3 years) Provincie Zuid-Holland

  • BTech Aerospace Engineering

    at Amrita School of Engineering

    2013 - at Present (7 years) Coimbatore - Tamil Nādu


  • Tamil Native

  • English Native