• Jefe de Oficina de Informatica

    at Superintendencia de Seguros y Reaseguros de Panama

    July 2018 - August 2019

    Provincia de Panamá

    Administration of the Information Technology Office or Technology Department of the Superintendence of Insurance and Reinsurance of Panama. My main duties were to direct the department and coordinate the use of human and technological resources to provide support in the development of the activities of this Entity. He also had the administration and coordination of technological activities with the other state institutions such as the Government Innovation Authority (AIG) and project coordination with various technology providers. During this management, the SQL Server 2016 Operating Systems were standardized on all servers and virtual environments for better administration and implementation of the Speed Jewelers Project. It was also achieved that the Superintendence of Insurance and Reinsurance of Panama obtained the ISO 27001 Certification

  • Business Solution & Services Consult / Product Specialist

    at Canon Latin America

    April 2012 - June 2018

    Provincia de Panamá

    Scanner Specialist for the development of scanning and digitalization projects that are developed in the region through the Canon Distributor Chain. Member of the Team of Software and Business Solutions Consultants for the Latin American Region of the Japanese Transnational Canon, Inc. My main duties are to support in raising the technical requirements of current and potential customers, in order to create solutions of Software and Consultation plans for the reduction of computer operating costs and strengthening of Technological Infrastructures. In addition, provide support to the area of specialists in the preparation of technical and financial proposals and in advising the lifting of Project Programming. During this management, actions were implemented that produced a prize for global sales of scanners by Canon Inc. (Japan)

  • Information Technology Manager

    at Azucarera Nacional, S.A.

    October 2010 - October 2011

    Provincia de Coclé

    Administration of the Technology Department located at the Santa Rosa sugar mill in El Roble de Aguadulce, Coclé Province. My main duties were to direct the department and coordinate the use of human and technological resources to provide support in the development of the activities of this sugar company. He also had the Administration of the company's email system, the improvements and maintenance of the company's website, the Technology Project Management and the coordination of projects and maintenance with external service providers and the Help Desk technical support as support to the IT Department. During this management, the installation of AP (Access Points) was implemented for initial wireless communication and for the installation of cameras to strengthen security circuits

  • Technical, Financial and Business Consultant

    at Independent

    May 2009 - October 2010

    Provincia de Panamá

    Independently consulting for personal technical and financial advice. Currently involved in a family Agroforestry Project in San Francisco de Veraguas.

  • Project Coordinator (Project Manager) of Individual Area Technology

    at ALICO Panama

    May 2008 - April 2009

    Provincia de Panamá

    Member of the Department of Integrated Technology of ALICO Panama. My main functions were the support to the Technology Management, advice in the administration and Coordination of Technological Projects of the Individual Products Area for Panama and Colombia. Advice on Regional Database Integration Projects for website construction (Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago). Another function was the administration of resources (human / financial) to support the operations of the Individual area of ALICO Panama.

  • Financial Analyst

    at Banistmo Panama

    July 2007 - April 2008

    Provincia de Panamá

    Member of the Department of Collection of Resources and Investments of Banistmo and HSBC Panama. My main functions were: to carry out financial analysis of deposit products (some of them credit), to provide support in the development of the Projects for the Department of Deposits and to advise the management of the department in the best decision making.

  • Production Area Operator

    at Kocher + Bech USA

    June 2006 - January 2007


    Optional Practice Training (OPT) or Professional Practice developed in this international company to complete the MBA academic program in International Business. Member of the Production Department and occasionally giving support to the marketing, sales and customer service departments as a translator. Support in the development of Projects in the Production Area for corporate clients in Mexico, South America and the United States (Hallmark Cards, Intel Processors, etc.). Training support for new users and visitor attention.

  • Technical Support or Help Desk (Work & Learn Academic Program)

    at Lindenwood University

    January 2005 - December 2005


    Graduated from the MBA Academic Program in International Business. Wrapped in the “Work and Study” Program doing programming work in the Technical Support Department or Help Desk. I worked in the Operations area and in the Customer Service area in the university bookstore.

  • ORACLE DBA-Analyst, Administrator & Programmer of ORACLE Databases; Help Desk, MIS and CRM

    at HSBC USA / The Chase Manhattan Bank,

    November 1993 - December 2004

    Provincia de Panamá

    Support in the development of Projects in the departments of Marketing, Systems, Consumer Banking, Corporate Finance and support to the Departments of Mortgages and Credit Cards among others. • Support in Systems Analysis for Segmentation Projects and establishment of the Premier Banking, Private Banking and Consumer Banking Platforms. • I was very involved in the Corporate Customer Profitability Project in the Department of Finance and Marketing for the establishment of the Service Platforms such as: Premier Banking, Select Banking, Consumer Banking and Corporate Banking. • Analyst and Programmer of the MIS (Management Information System) based on ORACLE and other Relational Databases (RDBMS) in the Marketing and Finance Departments (Coding of programs and procedures with PL / SQL). • Design of applications and systems of Marketing Information System (MIS), Customer Management Information (CMI) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

  • Programmer

    at National Association Against Cancer (A.N.C.E.C.)

    March 1993 - July 1993

    Provincia de Panamá

    Trainer of popular software packages and technical support. Occasionally provided customer service support.

  • Programmer in the Department of Car Sales


    March 1991 - December 1992

    Provincia de Panamá

    • Provided technical support to the sales team. Occasionally it provided customer service support.


  • Master in Business Administration (Degree in International Business)

    at Lindenwood University

    2005 - 2006 (1 year) Missouri

  • Master in Business Administration (Degree in Banking and Finance)


    2000 - 2001 (1 year) Provincia de Panamá

  • Post Grade in Alta Gerencia (Pre Master Degree in High Administration Management)


    1999 - 2000 (1 year) Provincia de Panamá

  • Information Engineering (Degree in Computer Sciences)


    1996 - 1999 (3 years) Provincia de Panamá

  • Técnicas en Soluciones Empresariales (TSE)

    at Universidad Santa Maria

    1998 - 1998 (1 year) Provincia de Panamá

  • Technical studies in computer repair and Network Design Systems

    at Academia All Computer

    1991 - 1992 (1 year) Provincia de Panamá

  • Associate Degree in Computer Science

    at The College of Santa Fe

    1988 - 1990 (2 years) New Mexico

  • Science Bachelor Diploma

    at Instituto Urraca

    1985 - 1987 (2 years) Provincia de Veraguas

  • Junior School Certificate

    at Primer Ciclo de San Francisco

    1982 - 1984 (2 years) Provincia de Veraguas

  • Elementary School Certificate

    at Pedro Arrocha Graell

    1976 - 1981 (5 years) Provincia de Veraguas


  • Spanish Native