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    August 2014 - at Present

    Guangdong Sheng

     NPI project: Follow up the process during NPI phase; Liaison with Engineering as well as Production teams to identify bottlenecks and ensure smooth transition to ramp up.  Planning for CTB process and Project raw material demand over a 20-week horizon;Collaborate with production on equipment set-up and output improvement  Keep safe inventory turnover ratio while ensure timely supply to meet the product schedules.  Involved in negotiation with logistics/SCM providers and IT companies to streamline Kyocera China logistics network and optimize cost structure.  Lead phase-out of Excess & Obsolete projects cross-functional teams, planning and executing complex tasks across multiple organizations and stakeholders to enable smooth project implementation and transition.  Monitor forecasts and other projected product requirements and translate them into production and procurement requirements.  Collaborate with Japan HQ to determine asset investment levels&production schedule

  • Sales y, Nov. 2006-Aug 2008

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    November 2006 - August 2008

    Guangdong Sheng


  • Sales Manager

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    September 2006 - January 2008

    Guangdong Sheng


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    March 2005 - October 2007

    Guangdong Sheng



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    2017 - 2019 (2 years) Central and Western District

  • Bachelor

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    2000 - 2008 (8 years) Hunan Sheng