Personally, I am an enthusiast person, with a good mood. I like so much the sports and the dances, and, generally, the active lifestyle. But ones of the things, that I more enjoy, is help to other people in need.


  • Superior Technician of Telecommunication Technology and Technical support


    January 2013 - at Present

    La Habana

    I am working over the big telecommunication network, it’s about 300 km of extension. My main responsibility is the management, developing and supporting of this wide network, which has important clients, mostly from the oil and gas sector, deployed in the occidental part of Cuba. Here you get a resume of the more important functions at my actual position: - Installing and configuring Huawei Layer 3 Switch. - Designing and setting up of Wi-Fi zones, indoor/outdoor. - Designing the Telecommunication system solution as integral connectivity. - Responsible for designing layout and analyzing the implementation stage of system. - Monitoring and managing the Telecommunication system. - Responsible for installing router, firewall hardware, perform networking systems and maintain server.