• CEO

    at Chengdu Rikon network technology Co.,Ltd

    June 2017 - at Present

    Sichuan Sheng

    Launch and found Chengdu Rikon network technical Co.,Ltd, in 2017, which professional in sharing and renting platform to comercial customer who can rent all kinds of equipment such as cameras, camera lens, vedio camera, UAV, interpreter and etc.

  • External Cooperate Senior Project Manager

    at Maipu (Sichuan) Communication Technical Company

    March 2006 - at Present

    Sichuan Sheng

    • Develop strategy cooperation between company and partners. Develop strategy partners that can cater for company’s need and maintain relationshipsof partners. • Follow and research the newest direction of telecom field, establish company’s product lines developing direction, supply and complete company’s product lines. • Establish and carry out company’s external-cooperated strategy. Collect, classify and analyze information of external-cooperated partners. Set up and maintain company’s partners system. Provide decision-making information for strategy developing direction. • Prepare project feasibility report and promote establishment of project. In charge of business management and control of OEM external-cooperated project. Complete business negotiation to meet the maximum benefit of company. • In accordance with requirement of strategy, assist company to build up relationships to top level potential partners.

  • Enterprise Sales Director of south and west China

    at HTC Communication Corp.

    January 2008 - June 2016

    Sichuan Sheng

    • Achieve regional sales target appointed by company on time. Set up and maintain rolling sales forecast system. • Develop and build regional carriers’ account department cooperation relationship, and develop enterprise application case. • Visit the end users and guide their requirement to company’s products. • Develop and build ASP &ISV cooperation relationship. • Manage agents and appoint sales target monthly. • Manage enterprise sales team and help them to achieve the sales target. • Make sales plan and confirm sales forecast accurately. • Develop the potential requirement of end user and copy the successful cases to the others. • Market developing just like executing seminar base on the current resource

  • Senior Project Sales Manager

    at DSET (China) Science and Technology Co., Ltd

    March 2000 - March 2006

    Sichuan Sheng

    • Evaluate large-scale projects’ possibility based on company’s resource, requirement analyzing. Plan and control project process. • Visit key customer regularly and keep good relationships to customers. Guide customers’ need to cater for company’s strategy. Promote customers to confirm project and finish sales goal. • Participate in communication project’s pre-sales support, technical communication, business negotiation and complete sales contract. • Collect and classify project information. Competitors information analysis and generate assessment report of competitors and their products. Process control and management in carrying project, keep good relationship between work team and customers in order to achieve project. • Seek for 3rd parts’ cooperation and support. • Provide system solution, technical bid and business quotation to meet customers need, organize and participate in all kinds of technical and business negotiate.

  • System Engineer

    at Chengdu Tongfa Telecommunication Co, LTD

    September 1996 - March 2000

    Sichuan Sheng

    • In charge of integration, management and maintaining of company’s LAN and stock information satellite receiving system. Fulfill setting up the new network platform. • Succeed in developing , etc, software system in company’s network environment.


  • Bachelor degree

    at Jiangsu University of Science and Technology

    1992 - 1996 (4 years) Jiangsu Sheng