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April 26, 2019

Job Description SummaryK&I Director will be responsible for continuing building a high-performance team aligned with BU necessities, providing cutting edge and actionable insights that enable our system’s competitive advantage and provide direction for sustainable growth in BRBU.

The role is a strategic, objective, trusted advisor across consumer, shopper, category insights, determining appropriate market research methodologies and techniques to generate insights, while testing and learning new approaches to generate competitive advantage for the BU, e.g. in areas such as white space opportunities, brand health, effectiveness of communications, brand positioning, new product testing, marketing spend optimization, uncovering unconscious drivers of choice.

Success in the role relies on creating credible thought leadership among senior key stakeholders across all facets and levels of the organization, including status-quo challenging and disruptive approaches.Key Duties/Responsibilities:

1.     Influence broader business strategy through in-depth understanding of BRBU’s markets, challenges & opportunities

- Work closely with Leadership across BRBU – Operations, Stills, Marketing, Customer & Commercial, Technical as a trusted advisor on business decisions
- Manage adhoc projects, synthesizing internal & external, qualitative & quantitative, primary & secondary information to generate insights that drive decision making
- Partner with the Business Planning and Performance & Analytics Teams to support key planning & performance routines, providing input to facilitate management decision making

2.     Guarantee high quality service delivery of ongoing insights & metrics through the implementation of systematic research methodologies and global protocols.

- Support for delivery of retail measurement via Nielsen & Trac
- Support for delivery of global protocols including product testing, advertising pre-testing (LINK), brand & category health / reputation using BGS etc.
- Continuously upgrade quality of insights & approaches that allow for better decision making

3.     Manage stakeholders at Corporate K&I, keeping a pulse on advancements & priorities that impact the BU, and rolling them out locally.

- Serve as the local expert providing context & input into global priorities & objective setting
- Position the BU where appropriate, for global pilots

4.     Continue building a high-performance team while stepping up engagement

- Keep raising the bar of the team to be aligned with the BU necessities, more business oriented, proactive, protagonist and risk taker, questioning the status quo;
- Define and revise key actions annually for K&I development plan, based on the results of satisfaction study with key stakeholders;
- Comply with people management & Performance Enablement routines;
- Define, align, update and track the objectives and development plan of the team, to help building the succession plan in all levels of the area; 
- Continuously evolve the team way of working, leading demand prioritization routines and managing workload.

5.     Ensure K&I budget is planned, aligned with Bottlers, executed and tracked, in line with finance guidelines and aligned with all internal stakeholders

Required Qualification:

- Business oriented;
- Strong analytical skills, turning insights into action;
- Story teller, able to connect different source of information.
- Communication skills;
- Network builder;
- Ability to balance immediate and long-term priorities.
- Project management skills
- Growth behaviors
- Drive and ambition, growth mindset, embraces change and is motivated by challenges
- Curious - is always learning and challenging him/herself and others, brings new thinking, shares practices, leverages insights
- Inclusive, empathetic, works well in a team setting, provides, seeks and accepts feedback, collaborates, is reliable and trustworthy, develops and inspires others
- Works with an agile mindset, with flexibility, simplicity and risk taking
- Solid influencing skills, listening, excellent communicator and change facilitator; builds sustainable relationships

Desired Qualification:

- Experience with Analytics or AI implementation. Savvy with digital research methodologies
- Postgraduate/Master’s Degree

Growth Behaviors:

- GROWTH MINDSET: Demonstrates curiosity. Welcomes failure as a learning opportunity.
- SMART RISK: Makes bold decisions/recommendations.
- EXTERNALLY FOCUSED: Understands the upstream and downstream implications of his/her work. Tracks and shares external trends, best practices or ideas.

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