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Noël De Castro

Noël De Castro

To Best Music Tracks Ever and other hives 14/07/2015


UNKLE - Burn My Shadow
UNKLE - Burn My Shadow www.unkle77.com - New video with Goran Visnjic for the latest UNKLE single, Burn My Shadow which features Ian Astbury (from The Cult) on...
  1. Noël De Castro
    16/07/2015 #2Anonymous
    I discovered them by Radiohead. Thom Yorke works a lot with them...
  2. Antonio L Rodríguez del Pozo
    15/07/2015 #1Antonio L Rodríguez del Pozo
    Noël, your musical dna it's clear too, UNKLE, I discovered them with this track, shared with some of my favourite zombies. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YNWFHpPu1qs