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Arif Shaikh


 Performed calibration of preventive maintenance instrument and preparing certificate On system and uploading to SAP  Checking the spare availability on SAP for shut down job  Performed calibration and configuration of transmitters by using beamex MC6 and 275 Field communicator  Performed with Beamex cs100 and familiars system  Having good knowledge in servicing and calibration of smart instrument devices with Hart Com-patibility on line and offline servicing, calibration of pneumatic, hydraulic, motor operated valves and accessories (Positioners (smart). Booster relay, lock up relay, transfer valves and position transmitters).  Performed calibration, configuration and trouble shooting of transmitter such as ROSEMOUNT, ABB AND YOKOGAWA.  Worked with foundation and fieldbus and hart protocol transmitter and positioners  Closing the work orders for completed jobs.  Maintain all Documents/ Records of Preventive maintenance, SOP, Calibration Certificates & other documents required for various Audits (ISO