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Javier 🐝 beBee

Javier 🐝 beBee

To The Doors15/07/2015

"Far Arden" ~ by Jim Morrison And so I say to you-: The silk handkerchief was embroidered in China or Japan ~ behind the steel curtain ~ and now one can cross the borderline without proper credentials. This is to say that we are all sen-sate and occasionally sad. And if every partner in crime were to in-corporate promises in this programme ~ the land might end~~~and all our friends would follow another programme. Who are our friends? (I know you love me to talk this way) Are they solemn and slow? Do they have great desire? Or are they one of the multitude who........ .......walk..... doubting .....their impossible regret~~ Certainly, things happen, and re-occur, and continue as promised. All of us have found a safe nit-ch where we can store up riches and talk to our fellows on the same premise of disaster but this will not do! No, this will never do......! There are continents and shores which beseech our understanding. Seldom have we been so slow~~ seldom have we been so far ~~ My only wish is to see F a r A r d e n again ...... (and this next part will be done in a woman's voice) The truth is on his chest. The cellular excitement has totally inspired our magic bedroom. And now for an old trip ~ I'm tired ~~~of the night. I want the old forms to re-ignite their sexual pool. (My friend is just......you know) And this morning before I sign off, I would like to tell you about Texas Radio and the big beat. It moves into the perimeter of your sacred sincere and dedicated smile, like a con Veteran of the psychic war. He was no general for he was not old. He was no private~~for he could not be ~~sold. He was only a man, and his dedication extended to the last degree. Poor pretentious soldier ~ Come home............ "We have forgotten the lessons of the ancient world" ~ Jim Morrison https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k9ok0SKmvdY

Beautiful poem by Jim Morrison
Beautiful poem by Jim Morrison a poem that I put...