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Chithra R P

Chithra R P

i like to improve my english knowledge..i can't say anything in english bcz of my fear to english. but im able to write ..read..Will you help me?

  1. Francisco Javier Del Castillo
    23/07/2015 #5Anonymous
    #4 Regarding writing, I recommend you to do grammar exercises. There are many books by Cambridge or Oxford with grammar explanations, exercises and the solution of those exercises at the end of the book, try with the most complete of these books and always pay attention to typical mistakes such as, omission of third person singular 's' in present, wrong use of do, does and did, word-order in affirmative and interrogative sentences, etc. The more exercises you do, the more familiar you will be with grammar and the less mistakes you will make writing. I hope this is useful for you and the other Indian people interested in the subject.
  2. kanakaiah dasari
    23/07/2015 #4kanakaiah dasari
    #1 thanks javier thank you for your valuable suggestions i will try to start communicate with others and i am watching english news hour debates and mainly i am facing the problem to make sentences with right words, can you please advice how can i overcome this problem ?
  3. Francisco Javier Del Castillo
    20/07/2015 #3Anonymous
    #2 In order to improve your conversation, try learning more vocabulary, and specially idiomatic expression and phrasal verbs. This will make your speech more fluent. Watching old films you can learn a lot, as they usually pronounce very clearly. The problem with modern films is that frequently there is a lot of noise (though there are also some modern films without this problem). Try to practise your conversation with a native speaker (there some webs in which you can do this free. Pronunciation is very important if you want to understand and BE UNDERSTOOD. If you know the Phonetics alphabet you can check the pronunciaton of a particular word at the dictionary.
  4. Thanu raj
    20/07/2015 #2Thanu raj
    I want to improve my English communication skill how it is possible to me please say something about it.
  5. Francisco Javier Del Castillo
    17/07/2015 #1Anonymous
    First of all, you must get rid of that fear and say to yourself that if others can speak English, you can, no matter how difficult it might seem to be. If other people can speak it, it is because it is not impossible to learn. Any way, in my opinion, and after studying different languages (Malayalam included, though I have not had the time to continue, and this is a difficult language, as the alphabet is more extensive and there are many consonants with similar pronunciation, but I like challenges), I consider English one of the simplest languages, at least regarding grammar. So Do not be afraid and practise both spoken and written English.