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satvant singh baghel

satvant singh baghel

WORKING EXPERENCE:  I have completed the compulsory rotatory internship program of six month in govt. veterinary hospital including veterinary Clinical Medicine, Surgery and Radiology and Unit of animal reproduction, Gynecology and obstetrics.  Training in Livestock Production Management, Poultry Farm and Goat farm.  Yearlong (2 semesters), experience in animal treatment during final year of degree programme. RESEARCH EXPOSURE: Undertaken research project of “Detection of Yersinia enterocolitica in pork by culture and PCR techniques”, which includes,  Microbial growth Media preparation  Maintenance, Isolation and identification of microorganisms  Basic bio-technology applications  PCR machine (Thermocycler) handling Currently working as Young Professional - II at National Research Centre on Equine, Hisar, Haryana from May, 2014 under research project of ‘Surveillance, Monitoring and Control of existing and emerging diseases of equines’, which includes • Isolation and identification of microorganisms from tissue and blood samples by culture method and biochemical tests • Detection of microbes by PCR

  1. parul upadhyay
    11/08/2015 #2parul upadhyay
    so what is your question...for veterinary science mine is not the institute but there are institute of buffalo research you can try their.. or ivri izatnagar