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Bollywood Filmmaker Satyabrata Biswas

Bollywood Filmmaker Satyabrata Biswas

To Artists and actors29/07/2015

I am a Global Author, a Journalist and Bollywood Film Director / Writer & Actor.

Bollywood Filmmaker Satyabrata Biswas
  1. Bollywood Filmmaker Satyabrata Biswas
    10/12/2015 #3Bollywood Filmmaker Satyabrata Biswas
    #1 I hardly open this page. So, write to my email: author.sb@gmail.com
  2. Bollywood Filmmaker Satyabrata Biswas
    08/08/2015 #2Bollywood Filmmaker Satyabrata Biswas
    send your resume....Bollywood Film Director-Writer
    Satyabrata Biswas

    His recent Bollywood Film (as a Producer & Director) “Main Shahrukh Khan Banna Chahata Hoon” released all over in multiplexes on 31st October 2014. His earlier Hindi film as a Director “Bhalobasha–Love” entered Cannes Film festival and Nominated for Jaipur International film festival along with Jaya Bachchan and Shakshi Tanwar’s films. He received two National Awards and attached with many NGO’s as Chairman, Director, President and so on. His English Novels published in India, Germany, USA & UK. He did M.COM, PGDM (Mumbai), MBA (London), well settled in Mumbai. He is also a Journalist, writing for Times of India, an Industrialist by profession. Now preparing for his 3rd bilingual feature film (Hindi + Marathi). His contact no:09820117180, Mumbai (India), Email: author.sb@gmail.com
  3. smita dwarikavasi
    03/08/2015 #1smita dwarikavasi
    hi, i write songs and stories and looking for a platform to showcase my work. i hope u agree that an actor , singer have good opportunity to showcase their talent but it is not like for a writer/lyricist. what do u suggest to them